Your Handbook For Hiring A Competent Trucker For Transporting Raw Materials

By | July 3, 2020

The trucking business is the most trusted mode of transport that every Dubai business industry chooses as its preferred convenience. Some of the perks are that they can deliver at any time and any place; they can deliver in bulk, and the bookings can be quickly canceled. However, the real deal lies with the truck driver more than the logistics company in Dubai. They need to understand your concern since it will be them you’ll be placing your complete faith in. While being a trucker of the company, they happen to represent the company to their recruiters as well as the public. This is why driving a truck is different from driving just any vehicle or being a chauffeur because they carry a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders.

It is not about navigating from one point to another because every day is different in a trucker’s life. They need to stay prepared for anything- an accident, a sudden change of route, road construction- and therefore, it calls for high tolerance. These are only a few characteristics that every trucker must possess. This article will illustrate what qualities you should check and how to look for a competent trucker for transporting raw materials.

A valid license along with technical certifications

Every truck driver must be qualified for a valid truck driver license which is also known as a commercial drivers’ license. This the most basic and essential qualification to become a truck driver. Even in the section of CDL, there are different classes. For example, the truck drivers who carry a Class A CDL are qualified to drive a truck with an automatic steering system. There are more class distinctions which indicate the qualification to drive trucks with different steering systems. Similarly, there are special licenses for drivers who can handle hazardous or even raw materials. Again, if a driver will be managing a supply chain that deals with frozen or refrigerated foods, also known as cold chain, requires a technical certification declaring him able for the specified job.

A decent background check and screening

Screening checks for drivers are something that the state department will take care of for you. The tracking business goes under regular scrutiny by the state department of transportation. Usually, every company will assure you with a clean record of its employees. However, it is always better to be safer than sorry. Before agreeing with your designated driver, take a look at his record. These are the screens you should look for:

  • Any moving violation which goes back for at least ten years.
  • Any conviction of DUI. In most cases, organizations keep a zero-tolerance policy and refrain from hiring any person who has driven under the influence, at any point.
  • Any conviction of OUI. (OUI and DUI might sound similar, but they are different. OUI stands for operating under the influence which refers to the handling of a boat or any motor vehicle.) Similar to DUI, companies keep a zero-tolerance policy for OUI as well. They refrain from hiring a convicted or fire them if they commit a crime as such.
  • Look for the RTA driving test qualification. Every truck driver in Dubai has to undergo an RTA driving test for heavy vehicles. They have to go for a Yard test, an RTA Yard test, an Articulated Truck Training, and the final road test for RTA. After passing in each of these, they are given training for driving at night who is at least an hour long.
  • Look for their medical details. Every driver in Dubai has to run a medical examination that tests their fitness scrutinizing their ability to do the job.

If you find all of these tests, as mentioned above stated clearly in their record, understand that your designated driver is good to go.

Always conduct a one-on-one interview with your designated trucker

You might read a lot on paper about how good a person’s credibilities are. Still, the best way to secure your opinion of their credibility is by meeting them or conducting an informal interview with them. It is similar to degrees, you see. A lot of people can get good marks by just mugging up the answers or even cheating, but not all of them succeed at the given job equally except the person who has understood what they were dealing with. You can read a lot of remarks about a truck driver on their records, but it is best if you take the agreement a notch higher and personalize it. This decision might also make the employee comfortable, and he will focus on the job even better. You could ask him about his past job experiences and how he would handle them. Try keeping the conversation as informal as possible. Ask them if they’ve ever dealt with an accident and how they handled it.

Patience is key

Always remember, tolerance or patience is the key. A truck driver needs to be prepared for anything in their daily experience. They also need to be decisive since being indecisive is a killer. There could be a sudden change in the plan compelling him to decide on another route. Apart from that, every logistics service will share a live location of your shipment at all times, allowing you to estimate the arrival time.  Anyway, these discussions will help you understand a lot about his character and will also help in deciding his ability to carry on the job. Additional tip: Before confirming his position, have a firm discussion with him regarding the terms and conditions. Make your concern clear to them. If you think that there is a chance for you to cancel the booking at any time, make him aware of that. Trukkin is a logistics provider service established in the heart of the UAE. It started in 2017, and it has already created a good name for itself in the market. Since then, they have made 700 successful shipments every month for four years. If you happen to be in Dubai and in need to hire a trucker, Trukkin is your most reliable source.