Winter Sun Holidays | Top 5 Destinations to Dodge the Gloom

By | November 29, 2019
Winter Sun Holidays
Winter Sun Holidays

The winter greets with gloomy days, inclement weather and long dark chilly nights. Winter Sun Holidays are the perfect solution to dodge the cold weather and embrace the sunny warm weather. Moreover, enjoy the low costs of travel agents and fewer crowds at the beautiful destinations on winters. Above all, venturing out in winters to sunny spots will replenish the falling vitamin D levels and improves health. Furthermore, the slashed prices of hotels and resorts give wider options to explore big and enjoy more.  There are many destinations in the world where sun blesses even during winters. However, the beautiful Canary Islands, marvelous Malaga, and Majorca of Spain, the Caribbean Isles and Morocco are wonderful destinations to enjoy the sunny balmy climate on these winters.  

Canary Islands, Spain

Lying close to the coast of North-West Africa, the Canary Islands of Spain ensures a reliable warm and friendly climate in winters. On this winter, hop on these islands of Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote on Low Deposit Holidays to Spain. Wonderfully blessed with warm weather, one would find a great solitude and warmth on these Spain’s Canary Islands on winters. The spectacular trails of the mountains, lush green landscapes, and natural parks provide exciting options for hiking, trekking, and cycling. Moreover, the history buffs can lose themselves at historical sites, while the adrenaline junks immerse in adventure activities. And also, the Canary Islands do not disappoint the beach bums either. One can still swim, snorkel, and dive and try various water sports on Canary Island Beaches in winters.  

Malaga, Mainland Spain

Located on the Andalusia province of Costa del Sol, Malaga is a great destination to hit for winter sun. Malaga offers rich history, age-old castles, Moorish remains, Roman theatres and fantastic coastal sceneries, exotic hikes on holidays. Moreover, discover Nerja caves by walking along the river Chillar on Spain Holidays. Lying on the foothills of Gibralfaro, Alcabaza fort is the iconic structure of Malaga. Reach the fortification by foot to get back fit and keep you warm in winters. This is indeed a worthy walk to explore the 1st century AD Roman Theatre and grand entrance. Finally, Malaga has a rich distinction of its own delicious tastes of food and wine. Relish them at the remotest corners of the countryside with the traditional tastes and flavors intact.

Majorca, Balearic Island of Spain

Spain’s Balearic Island of Majorca enjoys higher temperatures than most of the Mediterranean countries. With over 300 days of year-round sunshine, Majorca promises a moderate amount of sunny days even in winter. When you choose Majorca for winter sun, be prepared to explore the nature, sports, culture, and cuisine. Majorca is a great destination for winters, to relax on the verdant vineyards and hike the dramatic Tramuntana Mountains. However, Palma de Mallorca, the capital city of the island is the treasure trove of historical sites. Explore these cathedrals, castles, and museums on Majorca Winter Sun Holidays. And also, visit the quaint old town of Alcudia located on the northern part of the island. Surrounded by the fortified walls, Alcudia is a great place to discover several medieval and Moorish remains. Finally, hit the south-east coast of Majorca to land on the picturesque beach of Cala Llombards to enjoy warm waters and nature.

Caribbean Islands

The picturesque Caribbean Islands are a haven to find oneself on a winter vacation. These islands with warm weather and colorful carnivals, embrace all with warmth and charm. The white sand beaches surrounded by pine-fringed landscapes offer a plethora of activities even on winters. Furthermore, the punch of rum and the delicious hot dishes make the Caribbean Islands the paradise isles to hit in winter. Whether it is Jamaica or Antigua, Barbados or Trinidad, the Caribbean Islands never fail to mesmerize the visitors. As the punch of rum and the rhythms of music flow in tandem on these Caribbean Isles, life looks lovelier and warmer in winters. Swim with turtles in the Jamaican waters and discover the Harrison Cave in Barbados on Caribbean Winter Sun Holidays.

Morocco, North Africa

This North African country might not be the warmest destinations in the world, but certainly is one of the hottest destinations for winters. Especially, the interiors and the south of the country away from the Atlantic keep you warm in winters. Explore the beautiful walled city of Marrakech and discover the colorful cafes, charming life and amazing architecture at the UNESCO world heritage site, Medina. And also, enjoy the antics of the snake charmers and storytellers at Jemaa el-Fna. Located on Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum town in Mexico is a fantastic winter sun destination. Here, enjoy the laidback languidness on the peaceful beachside and relax with Mayan massages and steam baths on Morocco Winter Sun Holidays.  Finally, Morocco is a top destination to enjoy cycling along the beautiful trails of the High Atlas Mountains.