Why staying in a PG is convenient?

By | September 20, 2019
Why staying in a PG is convenient

Many people are choosing to leave their city or town (where they have been born and brought up) to live in another city in search of higher studies and better jobs. The major thing that one needs when they go to a new place is a nice and proper living accommodation. So, they search for some paying guest accommodations first and do not want to rent out an apartment just to stay alone.

But why they want to live in a PG at all? The major reasons behind staying in a PG are definitely because of its affordability. Students who have just stepped out of their comfort zone to stay in a new city looks for a PG near Manyata Tech park because there are places available to stay. One might think that students can stay in a hostel if they want to study higher. But there are many students to fail to get a hostel accommodation and hence they need to stay in a PG. Not only that, when it comes to working professionals and if they are searching for best areas to live in Bangalore, they must look for PGs which are near to their office or can be easily reached. PGs are the best option if one is staying alone in a new city.

When one is staying in Bangalore one should look for a place which will be near to their office or college/ university. It is said that when one decides to stay in a PG it means that they are choosing a very convenient and comfortable mode of living. Even if one is working, it is not always possible to buy or rent a flat alone only after working for a few years. A PG is a great idea for them. There are also many people who do not even want to buy a flat in a place which is not their home town. This is because’ for job purposes they keep moving from one city to another in few years and hence there is no point in buying an apartment in a city where they are not even going to stay permanently. So, for them also staying in a PG is a very convenient idea.

The major reasons to live in a PG are as follows:

  • The rent is much more affordable in a PG as compared to renting a flat. There are many people who live alone in a new city and for them renting a flat is actually a waste of money. They can save that extra money to do other things.
  • Most of the PGs have a great security as compared to the rented houses. They have dependable roommates as well which makes living all the more secure and sound especially for a girl or a woman.
  • Some good PGs have all the necessary facilities and the basic ones like electricity, running water and basic furniture.

Advantages of living in hostels are as follows:

  • Whenever a student lives in hostel, he gets a studious type of environment. As the students living there are also from the same course. It becomes easy for the students to study as they can even clarify their doubts with each other. A good company in hostel will make your college years’ worth living and memorable.
  • Here living in hostels, girls feel more safe and secure. As each hostel have one female warden who keeps check on all the students living in the that particular hotel.  She takes cares about any problem which a girl can come across to. This make the hostel for girls secure in all terms. Even the maintenance of the hostel is the responsibility of the respective warden.
  • Food service is provided to the student’s in the hostel. They provide all the three-time food to all the students of their hostel. Food quality is also good, and even the food is made that is healthy and provides all nutrients to them.
  • Even students live here in the family atmosphere; they make new friends here. With them they handle the challenges. Living in the hostel is like a life lesson to them that cannot be taught to them through books. They learn life lessons like everyone around them is not their well-wisher. They have to be smart enough to tackle all such situations
  • Living in hostel realizes you your self-reliability and self-dependency. Here you do all your basic stuffs on your own. Even you realize the value of your family.
  • Even the students of the hostel have to reach before the time at the evening, as they are not allowed to move outside at night.

So, one can look for best PG near Manyaa Tech Park in Bangalore if their office or college is near to it.