Why Python Is the Best Programming Language

By | December 4, 2019
python is best programing
python is best programing

Python is a general-purpose interpreted interactive object-oriented and high purpose programming language. The language mainly focuses on code reliability and simplicity so that programmers can develop applications rapidly. Python is the best programming language because it allows the users to code in several different programming styles. Also, Python supports cross-platform development and is available through open source. Practically, python is widely used for scripting in-game menu applications effectively. 

It can be easily integrated with C/C++, ActiveX, Kotlin, Java, and CORBA. Presently, most of the developers or programmers require considerably a smaller number of lines of code to perform the same task compared to other object-oriented programming languages such as C. Python can be used for a massive range of tasks like computing device applications, database applications, network programming, game programming, and even mobile development also. In this blog, we will be going to discuss Python interview questions that will help you to clear and strengthen the core fundamental concepts of Python. In addition to this, Python comes with an extensive collection of third-party resources that extend the capabilities of the language.

Given below points proves why Python is the best programming language

  1. Follow the complete set of code style guidelines– The python programming language follow the complete set of code style standards and guidelines. In python coding style guidelines are specially designed to produce high quality of code. In order to develop a reliable and maintainable python application, developers must need to follow coding style guidelines and best practices of python.
  2. Enhanced readability- Python code is easy to write and debug. Likewise, python’s success is that its source code is fairly easy-to-read and easy-to-maintain, this programming language can run a wide variety of operating systems and platforms and providing a similar interface on all platforms. In addition to this, python is intended to make complex programming simpler and it deals with a memory address, garbage collection internally.
  3. Performance- The end-user workflow involves primarily python programming; programs can be involved with the use of “python app_entry_point.py….”.the software uses system resources within an acceptable factor of an equivalent program developed completely in java or C++. 
  4. Backend frameworks (Django, Flask)- the main python backend framework is Django. In general, it is a high-level python web framework that encourages rapid develop and clean pragmatic design. Django is interlinked with a number of characteristics namely ORM, automatic admin interface, regress-based URL design, templating system, cache infrastructure, internalization, command-line job framework.
  5. Very easy to learn- Python is very easy to learn due to the simplicity in syntax. Moreover, it provides an interactive shell for testing the thing before implementation. Along with this, it provides users with a direct interface with python.  It supports all GUI applications and has a unique framework for the web.
  6. Extensive library support- Python supports a wider range of libraries, modules, and packages. The developers can create more and more classes by organizing them in such a way so that the class can be easily evaluated. The library of the python file is composed of simpler files and each file is featured with alienated functions.
  7. OOP characteristics- There are four fundamental concepts of OOP in python namely encapsulation, data abstraction, inheritance, and polymorphism. Moreover, the python language support OOP, object attributes and object methods well. 

Python is additionally effortless to interface with frameworks. There are several frameworks that enable less complicated customization and less coding. They help developers get the job done faster. With these frameworks, games, apps, educational programs, and different software can be built quicker and better.

Popular frameworks in Python

  • CherryPy
  • Flask
  • Django
  • Pyramid
  • Web2py
  • Bottle
  • CubicWeb
  • TurboGears
  • Pylons

There are a number of Python frameworks available. But these are the first-class frameworks that can be used for application-oriented fields. Django, CherryPy, TurboGears, Pylons, Flask, and Pyramid, Web2pyare excellent frameworks to know for any developer searching to get into application-oriented fields.

Applications of Python

  • GUI based computer applications
  • Scientific and computational applications
  • Games
  • Web frameworks and internet applications
  • Enterprise and enterprise applications
  • Language development
  • Operating systems
  • Prototyping
  • Image processing and photograph applications


It has been concluded that Python is widely used for the development of game menu applications. Moreover, it supports cross-platform development and is available through open source. In the blog, the Best interview questions are discussed and each discussed question explains the key characteristic of the python language. Thus, Python is a widely used language with easy syntax support. It is better for the programmers to stick with Python because it is quite easy to understand, read, and syntax.