Why People from East India are Obsessed with Blepharoplasty Surgery in Delhi

By | January 16, 2020
Blepharoplasty Surgery

India is a hub of various customs, cultures, tastes, and appearance such as people from South India loves to eat Sambar Idli while people from North India love to eat spicy food.

Well, I am writing this article for all the people of East India who suffered from the problem of Blepharoplasty. 

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon is the real prophets who transforms the lives of all those patients who are suffering from the problem of bulges and crankiness around the eye area.

Blepharoplasty surgery is also allowed to perform by the well-experienced Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon. Apart from the surgeon, nobody can be allowed to do Blepharoplasty surgery. 

Although there are various non-invasive techniques to enhance the appearance there is no substitute to address the problem of crankiness of eyes.

Asian Eyelid Surgery or Blepharoplasty is designed to address all such problems. Blepharoplasty Surgery considers as the most effective and safe surgery that can even help to conceal scars. There is no noticeable scar visible after surgery

But I am addressing this again that the patient should consider only the best Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon to perform surgery for the best results.

Whether the surgery is not complicated and tough to perform but it needs highly-qualified and experienced surgeons who even versatile to manage scarring after surgery.

For upper eyelids, there is a very minimal scar that can be easily concealed under the eye folds and for lower eyelids; scars can be concealed under the lash line. 

People from East India are considered as the premium candidates of Blepharoplasty surgery because every second individual is suffering from the problem of fat and skin around the eye area.

There are various pre-operative or quick tips that are considered to achieve the best results:

  1. Stop Consumption of Medicines: It is suggested to stop consumption of all the medicines in order to avoid surgical errors.
  2. 2. Stop Consumption of Alcohol: If you are looking for the best Blepharoplasty Surgery in Delhi, then stop consumption of alcohol prior to surgery as recommended by the surgeon. 
  3. Stop Smoking: Smoking consumption is harmful before surgery. So patients have to stop smoking. 
  4. 4. Avoid Consumption of Herbal Supplements: It is also recommended to restrict the usage of herbal supplements like green tea or any other supplement because the presence of antioxidants in the body during surgery can cause more bleeding and other operative complications.
  5. 5. Must Disclose the Medical Health Status to the Surgeon: Medical Reports of the patient decodes all the health status of the patient which helps the surgeon to choose whether you are the right candidate for the surgery or not. It might be a possibility of health damage after surgery.

I hope all these quick tips will definitely helpful for all the patients who are looking for Blepharoplasty Surgery in Delhi.

Well if you are looking for the best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon then I must say that choose Divine Cosmetic Surgery to get your surgery done.

Generally, people feel offended with the surgery risks but it is wondering that Blepharoplasty surgery is free from any risks and complications.

Once the patient gets their surgery done, then there is no need to pursue surgery again as the surgery results are permanent and long-lasting.

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Dr Amit Gupta (a well-known Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon), student of Maulana Azad, a trainee of Dr Ana Zulmira (Curitiba, Brazil).

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