Why Minimalism Is A Trend – 10 Beginner Tips

By | November 25, 2020

Moms are in a constant struggle of whether or not they should keep items at home, or throw them away. Most of us will be surprised to know how many things we have in our house that we never really find any use for, but we keep them anyway. 

A lot of us do not realize that these random items occupy such a big space in our house if we decide to put them all together in one place. A place where we could make better use for if they were only available.

When there are so many things inside the house that make it difficult to move around, it no longer feels like home. Not letting go of the sentimental value of the stuff your keep adds to your anxiety. 

A recent lifestyle trend is now becoming more popular to many – minimalism. It basically means owning fewer possessions. For many, minimalism is about getting rid of the excess and living your life based on experiences and rather than on its materialistic side. 

You might start by going over the little things – your closet with clothes you have not used for years; or your file cabinets with paperwork from the past that you can’t make use for references anymore. Then maybe you and your husband can check your garage and see how many tools you just need to keep and get rid of the rest.

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Here are some helpful beginner tips for minimalism:

Prepare your zones. Decide on how you are going to sort your items. You can designate compartments for them. For example, you can mark the items for sorting as to Keep, Donate, Sell, Trash, or Recycle.

Keep it simple.

Throw away anything that’s broken. In any way, shape, or form. You do not need to keep something that is already defective. This includes holiday decorations. It’s about time you buy new personalized Christmas decorations this time of the year.

Declutter one section at a time. Focus on just one room first before you move on to the next. Keep in mind the zones for your sorting every time you declutter. 

Get rid of the clothes that won’t fit anymore. Especially if you do not have anyone to hand down those old clothes anymore. Keeping the old clothes to inspire you to lose weight so you could wear them again usually does not work.

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Get rid of the duplicates. You do not need extra pairs of scissors, or spatulas in the kitchen, especially if you do not like baking. Keep only the items that you will find relatively useful. 

Quality over quantity. You invest in your supplies that are in good quality so you don’t need to buy them all over again and forget to throw the old version of the same item. 

Dispose of the food properly. The outdated food will be thrown away, the unwanted food that is still fresh can be donated.

All about toys. Get rid of anything that your kids do not regularly play with. If your kid does not play with it for over a week, then it’s time to throw them or give them away.

Limit the number of toys to a minimum. Say, for stuffed animals, you are taking care of a baby, not building a Noah’s Ark. Store the toys in toy boxes so you can easily check if it is getting overcrowded. 

Digitize whatever you can. Use E-billing instead of paper mail, subscribe to movie or music streaming sites instead of buying CDs and DVDs. You can also keep the hard copies of downloaded files on an external hard drive. 

Take advantage of the wall space. Your vertical space can still hold a lot of stuff. Hang those makeshift baskets, hooks, and other things that will let you use the wall space for a more organized storage. Decorate your wall for a more positive vibe while at it.