What Is an RICS Building Survey?

By | September 2, 2020

An RICS Building Survey, or Building Survey Report, is done by an RICS certified surveyor, who performs a complete visual inspection of the home you wish to purchase, or one that is in need of repairs. The report you receive after the inspection contains easy to understand ‘Traffic Light’ ratings, which you can clearly identify the condition of the property and any issues with the construction.

Your chosen surveyor will give you an estimate for repairs based on the severity of the issues and will be able to make recommendations to you on what you can do in order to address any concerns that may have been identified during the inspection. When it comes to choosing a contractor, you are looking for someone who will take your concerns seriously and provide the best possible outcome to you. For Rics Building Survey information, visit a site like https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/house-survey

 You will find that the surveyors that are licensed to do this type of work are highly qualified and experienced professionals. Also, it is not recommended to hire a contractor without a license, as this could result in many potential problems later on and could put your family’s safety at risk.

Another important consideration is the fact that all licensed contractors carry liability insurance, which protects you should your home and/or belongings become damaged, and the damage is their responsibility. You can find out exactly how much insurance a contractor carries by calling their office or checking online.

The several benefits one can have from the RICS survey would be a comprehensive and detailed review of the property, under the “traffic light condition ratings system“it gets easier to highlight the searching, receiving a clear structure report, an impartial report of assessment of the property.

There are many things you can avoid by getting a proper survey:

  • The fence which you have put a few inches on the wrong side or on others property
  • Get to know if the house’s location is ideal
  • Avoid any damage in the new house
  • Get to know about if you can install new structures
  • Make sure that your new house is made on the strong soil
  • Takes care of all the paperwork you will need for buying or selling your home   

The RICS HomeBuyer report adheres to all of its standards and ensures best practice by maintaining a benchmark. Rose from the trust of buyers, sellers and property professionals the RICS home surveys radars from a variety of homes, brand new apartments to old dilapidated houses. The market value is certainly added to the RICS HomeBuyer Report to typically determine the way of comparative research methods and cost of reinstatement which confirms the total rebuilding cost of the building. The surveyor inspects the age, type, construction and several other characteristics of the property and only then it gets easier to compare with other searched properties. A negotiation is done upon considering and reasoning the definite market value. Hence it gets easier to achieve adequate home insurance for the property.

People who are looking for a property survey before the purchase can be a money saver. From a lot of survey services available out there one should choose the Rics building survey. The form of the survey will include damp-proofing, drainage, damp evaluation, carpet and floors, electric wiring etc. Most of the people get affected by fraud papers, with a survey service, the surveyor will take care of all the paperwork. Thus, you won’t get cheated by any fraud broker or dealer.

When is a survey important?

before buying a property you should go for a survey, there are some special cases when the survey becomes necessary, they are:

  • older properties
  • large properties with many rooms
  • altered properties
  • properties which have non-traditional construction
  • properties which are already demonstrating visible materials

It is best to choose a survey wisely based on the condition of the property and not the cost of the survey as investing on a decent survey can save one a fortune in the future from several unavoidable surprises and expenses right after moving in. The RICS building survey is worth the extra money under some circumstances under the supervision of the surveyor’s potential opinion on defects and damages undergoing areas. Money can be saved by comparing the details of the required repairs and the lender’s offer after consulting with the surveyor.