What Do You Need to Know About Dating an Italian Guy

By | December 30, 2020
dating an Italian guy
dating an Italian guy

All things you need to know about dating an Italian guy: if you always had a dream to try a taste of spicy and flaming romance, there is no better way to do so than to date an Italian guy. Here are some suggestions you need to recognize to make this dating magnificent.

Italy is a beautiful country right from the fairy tale, striking in its beauty, imbued with love. The Cradle of world culture and civilization has given the world-famous fashion designers, singers, sculptors, architects, artists, and musicians. This is the country you need to visit only once to fall in love with it once and for all, leaving your heart there forever. If you have seen Italy once, you want to return again and again. This is an unforgettable sun, breathtaking Missiterranian sea, ski resorts, national cuisine, historical monuments in the open air. Many women worldwide dream of visiting Italy or staying there forever, dating a gorgeous Italian man, or even creating a long-term, trusting, and loving relationship. This is not surprising because Italians are irresistible and magnificent in everything.

Italian men are shining with optimism, cheerfulness, fun, sociability, and faith in a better future. They try not to think about bad things and not dwell on troubles. “Allegria” is a general uplift in life, a characteristic feature of Italian nature, which is not easy for foreigners to understand. Italians are great lovers and good family guardians with an incredible sense of humor; they know how to cook and look simply stunning. It is most difficult not to fall in love with them. Before you start dating Italian men, you need to learn a little about their cultural characteristics; it will help you to understand them better and quickly establish a close spiritual connection.

Of course, all people are different, and each person is unique; we can in no way take a whole nation and endow each person with the same character traits. Italian guys, like all people, have their personality, special baggage of life experience. Nevertheless, there is still such a thing as a national mentality. Traits that combine all Italians and some cultural norms of communication, dating, or relationships that are customary in Italy. If you want to date an Italian man successfully, it is better to know about such things. There are some ideas to help you make dating more enjoyable and comfortable for both parties so that you can win the heart of the man of your dreams.

Italians are tenth degree choleric. Firstly they do something; secondly, they think. It would help if you learned to accept and forgive it. Otherwise, it will be simply impossible to get along with them. Temperament is not always right; sometimes, it is complicated because not everyone knows how to curb it. Even though Italians are quick-tempered, they also quickly cool down and will undoubtedly apologize to you for their behavior, try to make amends somehow. They are emotional and expressive. They are true to themselves and know how to live every second of their lives, experiencing all kinds of feelings to the greatest extent. Sometimes it’s hard to live with such a hurricane if you are a calmer person, but you can always be sure of your Italian partner’s sincerity and get a boost of energy from how much he feels about you. It makes dating an Italian man genuinely unforgettable.

Italians love to court and do it very well, although some of the courtesies may seem a little odd to you. Most often, they invite you to a restaurant or cafe on the first dates; they will give you flowers. The country has a cult of food, so do not be surprised if your Italian loved one presents you with pasta, Italian coffee, a coffee machine, wine, or cheese. Even when you are dating online, an Italian guy can easily send pasta and a couple of bottles of homemade tomato juice by mail or delivery service, as well as a bottle of olive oil or a good wine. This is very common, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you come across such courtship. This is their way of showing you how much this dating means to them.

Italian men are amazing fathers. They will be happy to share with you all parental responsibilities. If you watch closely, for example, on the street in Italy, you will notice that fathers are most often walking and spend time with young children. They start families late by social standards, most often somewhere after 30-35 years. But when they decide to marry and create the right family, this means that they are entirely ready for this, that they want and will be responsible both for their beloved woman and for their children. After all, there is nothing further valuable than family, and this is not a decision that can be made hastily or at a too young age.

Italy is a land of beauty, love, and eternal sun. Italian men are incredibly handsome, attentive, and caring. With them, you will feel enveloped in love, pleasant surprises, understanding, and support. A dating an Italian guy is a carnival of emotions; it’s worth every second because, in return, you get a strong and happy relationship.