What Constitutes a Well Equipped Kitchen?

By | February 22, 2020
Equipped Kitchen
Equipped Kitchen

Of course, it is the kitchen appliances that come with it and make your various culinary experiences a seamless and stress-free process. After all, it is only with practical and creative equipment that you can put together a recipe that you find even remotely interesting. So, if you are wondering what kitchen equipment constitutes a well-resourced kitchen, look no further. Here is how you can stock up a minimalist but high-quality kitchen that has all the right pieces of equipment.

A cutting board

That is bound to be one of the essential kitchen tools you require in the kitchen. After all, you are going to be using the cutting board every time you cook. That is why you must pick one that is well designed and resilient. When going in for one, see that you choose an odor-resistant piece and, if possible, dishwasher-safe. 

Mixing bowls

A set of high-quality mixing bowls is a prerequisite for mixing spice rubs, salad dressings, sauces, and marinades. It can also be useful when you wish to store leftovers. Be sure to go in for a set that stacks up quickly so that you can save it efficiently. Preferably go in for a set that is odor and stain-resistant. 

Vegetable peeler

Prep time is going to pick up the pace when you have a vegetable peeler on board that works to speed up your productivity efficiently. Whether you are using it to peel carrots, potatoes, or any other vegetables, be sure to pick one that is ergonomically designed and stands the test of time. 

Garlic press

You may think that a garlic press comes under the category of kitchen gadgets that you can do without, but if you are using garlic in your foods more often than not, having this on board is sure to do you a world of good. It makes crushing and chopping a lot easier. However, if you can live without this, a chef’s knife is sure to do this job just fine, too.


Whether you need to wash vegetables and salad greens or are looking to drain pasta, a colander is an essential kitchen tool. When considering the ideal colander, see that you go in for one that is well designed and comes with ergonomic non-slip handles as well as feet so that it does not slip all over when you are using it.

Potato masher

It is sure to make mashing potatoes a much more stress-free task. If the inconvenience is an element that prevents you from going for it, given the fact that it does come with a bulky shape that can make closing your drawer difficult, you can think about going in for a flip potato masher. 

Measuring cups and spoons

Measuring cups and spoons ensure precise measurements. While some cup sets come with flat bases so that cups can stand upright, others have a hole at the end of the handles so that individual components can be kept together on a ring. When it comes to measuring spoons, choose the ones that have contoured handles so that spilling kept to a bare minimum. 

Now that you are aware of the basics that go into a well-equipped kitchen, go ahead and add them to your list to ensure you have a culinary delight when putting together a meal. You can find a wide variety of high quality and ergonomic Kitchenaid appliances online that you can purchase for competitive prices. That ensures you can use these appliances for a long time and in an efficient way.