What career is offered in Optometry?

By | December 4, 2019

These days, students have become aware of the importance of their studies and the need to be competitive, so as to achieve success in their life. From a very early age, they have started to set their goals and objectives. Some even have planned as to what exactly would they like to pursue after school. The science stream is one of the most availed ones by students all over the country, as many find this stream to offer them with a plethora of avenues and opportunities to avail from. One such domain is the medical field, where there are indeed numerous options to choose from. Those interested can study Optometry, considered to be among the most demanding and lucrative field.

Career in Optometry

This field is considered to be a popular career trending choice allowing candidates to explore the avenue of a primary eye-care practitioner. On successful completion of BSc Optometry, the student has the option to study further, so as to advance knowledge, expertise, and certification and to consolidate the positions and reputation in the industry.

The optometrist is said to play a crucial role to detect eye defects like cataract, glaucoma, etc. in age-related maculopathy, as well as various other types of health conditions like hypertension and diabetes. By undergoing a BSc optometry course, the student is able to enjoy diverse career options and also derive attractive salary packages. The Optometrists, professionals are responsible to elevate vision-related diagnosis, to refer and provide appropriate solutions for the same.


Given below are a few responsibilities that the optometrist is expected to perform:

  • Provide patients with healthcare counseling; promote optical and general health wellness.
  • Diagnose problems, perform vision tests, prescribe glasses and carry out various types of optical corrective measures.
  • Perform a patient evaluation for identifying general health problems faced like diabetes and hypertension and to offer necessary health referrals.
  • Deliver pre & post-operative care to patients on completion of surgical procedure.

According to vision care reports published recently, it was comprehensively outlined that India had the most career opportunities and avenues in this particular field, thus allowing candidates to dream big. Diploma or perhaps BSc Optometry degree will be necessary for candidates to enter this field and make it big. Doing some research will give them a clear idea of what needs to be done and avoided to enjoy having a great and flying career.

Some highlighted career opportunities available for students to explore

  • Ability to join central and state government hospitals.
  • Engage themselves in clinical research to become a basic science researcher.
  • Get engaged in professional service for any reputed corporate organization.
  • Can contribute substantially as a research scholar in any eye care college.
  • Gain immense knowledge and experience to apply for the post of an educator or head of any educational college.
  • Practice conjointly with other ophthalmologists or practice independently as desired.

Educational Qualifications

The candidate is required to undergo the specified courses in order to enter the field of Optometry and to have a flying career. There will be a genuine need to undertake thorough research to find out more information about the eligibility aspects so as to ensure getting a seat at the reputed colleges and to make a well determined and correct decision. The curriculum involves clinical and theory-oriented learning, while the final year requires the candidate to work in an internship in the industry and get to learn from seniors. They also have to interact with patients directly under qualified and experienced practicing optometrists’ supervision.