What Are The Top 4 Hill Stations In India That Would Impress You?

By | February 2, 2020

With more number of people have been looking for easily making their vacation enjoyable, there are lots of options available. Of course, it would be quite interesting to enjoy beautiful mountain ranges in India, along with your family and friends. It is always quite energetic to visit hill stations in a more amazing way. Lots of hill stations are available which would give you a suitable option to visits preferable one. India is one of most amazing countries filled with beautiful and breathtaking mountain ranges that include Vindyas, Himalayas, and more. All these make country look quite majestic in a more natural way. These beautiful looking hill stations in India especially make it quite unique with setting country from lowering heat as well as humidity. Now these beautiful and more awesome hill stations have turned country into most astounding tourist spot filled with majority of attractive sites on whole. Below are some of most astounding hill station that is suitable for making an enjoyable vacation with your family and friends.


One of the most amazing spots filled with the scenic snow peaks in Himachal Pradesh is Manali. Of course, it is the most majestic mountain range filled with more number of lush green forests. It is especially located in the Kullu Valley and much easier to access from various parts of the country. People from across the world used to visit this beautiful place filled with the awesome spots that would definitely admire you. A variety of activities such as heli-skiing, Camping, trekking, as well as many others are available in a beautiful place. In fact, you could also easily choose the rafting in the rivers surrounding this valley.


Mussoorie is another most important spot filled with lots of tourist attractions site to the maximum level. Mussoorie especially offers you the complete valley of the Doon valley in the south along with the beautiful Himalayas in North. Normally, Dehradun is located at just 34 km, so that it is easier to reach this spot from Dehradun. This awesome location is developed especially for tourism and suitable for the family to enjoy their day. When you like to book for hotels at these beautiful sports, then you can contact here for availing of the packages. You have more opportunities to enjoy your vacation here that includes taking rides in cable cars, Mall road, and more.


When you like to enjoy your summer vacation with your family, then choosing the Gulmarg is the most amazing option. It is considered a paradise during the summer season and suitable for enjoying the stay more astoundingly. For trekking on the mountains, this spot is quite awesome to the maximum range. Whether you like to enjoy the snowboarding or Skiing in the summer, then choosing this spot would be quite an amazing spot. It is set at 4,000 meters above ground level and suitable for enjoying more activities to the maximum. You could easily find lots of hotels, ‘dhabas’ and many more for enjoying your vacation more amazingly.


One of the largest tea estates is found in Darjeeling, and it is quite an amazing place for tourism to the extent. You could easily enjoy the amazing view of the Mount Kanchenjunga, hills as well as waterfalls. You would really have a great time amidst nature.