What are Some of the Easiest Ways to Introduce Access Control to Your Company?

By | January 20, 2021
Access Control
Access Control

Access control is vital to the running of your company. It helps keep your employees safe in their day-to-day activities and help keep your business’s secrets under wraps. Here are some of the most effortless techniques to introduce access-controlled areas to your building for the benefit of all.

Coded Doors

The classic example of access control is often the coded door. These are a lot more convenient than a simple lock, as there is no key involved. With a locked door, you need to make sure that someone knows where the key is at all times, and you might have to get a new copy made each time someone needs to gain access to the room beyond. 

With a coded door, things are much more straight-forward. You just need to ensure that those who need access to the area beyond are taught the code. If someone leaves the company, change the code. It is that easy! For very high-security areas, you can even buy coded locks with biometrics to doubly verify who is entering the restricted area.


Sometimes, your staff might need hands-free access to an area. If they are transporting goods between one area and another, they might not be able to put the items they are carrying down. A hands-free access controller like RFID wristbands could be the perfect option here.

These are also much easier for staff members to keep track of than an item like a card. If you have staff members who are likely to forget a code, or if you work somewhere with a high level of employee turnover, using wristbands to manage access control might be the perfect option here.


Access cards are another fantastic option, especially in larger businesses. While there is always the chance that they could be misplaced, they often come at a low cost and are easy to print and reprogram. This should help even the most forgetful of employees keep access to the places they need to be in for their job.

Cards can too be printed, including your company logo as part of your brand management) and an employee’s details, so they can be used as ID cards. You could even find ones that can be loaded with credit in some way, meaning that they could be used in your company’s canteen or vending machines instead of dealing with cash.

The solutions above are three great measures to introduce to help with access control around your company. It is important that you are ready to control who can go where in your building if you have sensitive data or equipment that needs protection. Never underestimate the value of access control and how much it could aid your company. Look into the merits of access control and how it can be used to its fullest advantage for your employees and business now.