What are Progressive Glasses Used for?

By | April 8, 2020
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Are you using progressive glasses or planning to get one? If you experience any problem while viewing objects that are placed at a distance and close by, then understand the fact that you have both nearsightedness and farsightedness. This means that you have eyesight disorder that relates to refracting errors and you are not able to focus on the objects kept at any distance. Therefore, your vision will be blurry, hazy, double and not clear. 

Here, in this condition you need prescription glasses having varifocals to get a clear vision and save your eyes from further damage of refracting errors.

trends in women's glasses

Actually, what happens is that when the light rays enter your eyes and reach the retina, they fail to create a focused image of the objects. This is because the image is either formed behind the retina or in front of the retina. Thus, you are not able to view objects clearly as the focal point is disturbed. The objects at distance and/or close by may appear distorted.

Therefore, you are unable to do needle-work, reading, etc. as well as fail to see what is happening outside the window. Not even the birds, buildings, signposts, television, clock, etc. appear clear to you.

How can progressive glasses help in providing clear vision?

Since you have both the vision defects of myopia and hypermetropia, you need two glasses. One reading glasses and another one for distance vision so that you can keep switching between the two according to your choice as per requirement. Imagine that you are reading a book and you have to view television simultaneously. 

Now you can use reading glasses, read the book and forget the television. Alternatively, you may choose to view TV with distant glasses, but you will not be able to read the book instead. Therefore, you have to make one choice at a time with the glasses. Besides, the switching of glasses on and off will be troubling.

Therefore, progressive glasses or varifocals glasses can come to your rescue. Varifocals are prescription glasses that consist of power lenses just like any other prescription lens.  Varifocal glasses consist of three different zones in a single lens which includes three different power strengths to correct distance and close by a vision disorder.

So the three different power areas in varifocals include:

  • The top portion of the lens is to view the distant objects and is distinguished from the other area without any visible distinct line as it is in the case of bifocals.
  • The lower part of the lens is helpful in  correcting close by a vision disorder
  • The middle portion of the lens provides a clear intermediate vision for viewing laptop, computer etc.

Where should I buy glasses online for a new pair of Varifocals?

If you are planning to buy glasses online, if you are using prescription glasses already then you need to provide your latest prescription online. However, if you have never used varifocals earlier or your prescription is older than a year, then you must book an appointment for eye-test at home or at work to get the latest prescription. 

You can do so easily through Specscart which provides facilities to conduct eye tests at the comfort of your home along with the option to choose glasses online or from the range of glasses brought by the Specscart’s representative when he visits you for checking your eyes. Specscart is a manufacturer of finest quality eyeglasses with enhanced visual clarity and advanced protection eyeglasses. You can buy progressive glasses online from Specscart by availing the ongoing discounted prices.