Weight Training Exercises At Home For Toned Breasts

By | November 11, 2019
Weight Training Exercises
Weight Training Exercises

When we talk about models, what comes in front of our eyes are twin images; one belongs to that of an American model and the other to that of an Italian model. I might be asked the question, what is the striking difference between the models of these two countries that have made me put up specifically this example. The answer is very simple; an Italian model is an epitome of pristine beauty. 

Her soft and supple skin, translucent skin tone and silky smooth aesthetic quality make her a mark of traditional, feminine beauty. One the other hand, just one word that would say it all for an American woman is ‘pretty’. To be more straight forward ‘sexy’. She would have everything just right in its place. The most essential attribute will be that she will have a toned body with a hint of a slightly muscular and sporty look. Her skin will be tanned with smoky eyes that would reflect the charm in her.

Regulations about weight training exercises for woman

So, those of you who are fascinated by the American model look must insist on weight training regularly to get evenly tones and chiseled look. But, remember, weight training exercises for women must not be very strenuous and should not include too much of weight and more duration than normal. Otherwise footlocker homeview, you will end up having a muscular bodybuilder look, with rising out deltoids, biceps, and triceps.

The weight that is to be used must be maximum to a maximum of five to ten pounds. Moreover, weight training must not be done more than twice to thrice weeks, since the muscles must be given ample time of twenty-four to forty-eight hours to relax in between two sessions of rigorous weight training.

Weight training exercises for toned bust

In this article, we will focus on the weight training exercises that assist in developing the diminished bust line, prevent sagging of breasts and give them a toned look that can become your asset.

What you would require for these exercises is a pair of dumbles weighing five to ten pounds, as per your capacity, a barbell and a rocker’ bench, which s a low height bench with foldable legs on either side.

Exercise one

This is a standing exercise where you will require a barbell.

Stand straight on the ground with a straight spinal cord and an erect head. Keep your arms low and on either side of the body. Hold the barbell firmly with both of your hands. Begin the exercise folding your arms and bringing them towards your chest, while you hold on to the barbell. Hold on for five seconds and then again lower down your arms, holding the barbell and maintaining the position for the next five minutes.

This whole process should be repeated for five times initially and then a break, which will be followed by the next set. All three sets are to be done in the initial days. Gradually you can increase the number of sets as well as the number of times each set.

Benefits of this exercise

It tones the muscles at the side of the body and the breast and exerts an overall pressure on the bust line.

Exercise two

This is also a standing exercise requiring a barbell.

Start exercising by standing straight on the ground. Keep both of your arms to your backside and hold on to the barbell firmly. Now, continue exercising by lifting the hands while gripping the barbell and again lower you’re hands down. Repeat the whole exercise thrice in each set of five counts. Gradually increase the number of times you exercise as you keep on doing it for a few days.

Benefits of this exercise

This exercise exerts concentrated pressure on the bust muscles from the sides, thus assisting intoning them.

Exercise three

This standing exercise will require a pair of dumbles.

Standing in a straight position, place your legs some inches away from each other. Keep your hands straight and lowered down, holding a dumble in each hand. Begin with the exercise by bending each of your arms at a time while you hold on to the dumble. Repeat this exercise in three sets initially, five times in each set. The number of sets and times must be increased with time and as per your convenience.

Benefits of this exercise

It exerts the unified pressure on the muscles to the upper and the side parts of your beast.

Exercise four

This is a lying down exercise that would require a pair of dumbles and the rocker’s bench.

Lie down on the bench firmly. Bend your legs and bring them closer to your body, while putting them firmly on to the bench. Your arm position is the most crucial here. Keep your hands folded from the elbows and parallel to the bust line, while holding on to dumbles with either of your hands.

Start exercising by stretching your hands straight and wide, on either side of your body. Next moment, pull back the arms close to your chest in such a way that the faces of the dumbles meet each other.

Continue the method four times in a set. Your number of sets will be three to start with spydialer. Gradually these numbers must be increased when you are accustomed to weight training regularly.

Benefits of the exercise

This exercise is beneficial for the total beast muscles as it works on the whole area altogether.

After exercising tips

When you finish off with weight training, do not jump to work immediately. Give yourself some time so that the muscles get relaxed and eased. Follow weight training exercises by muscle r Relaxing massages and exercises so that you do not get sprains or nerve pulls.

When you are through with the exercises wipe off your sweat and wear a fully covered garment even if you feel hot. Actually, after weight training or any other exercises, the body gets warmer. This is the time it gets vulnerable to cold attacks since a difference in temperatures is thus created.