VISAGE Natural Facelift: The Most Extensive and Reliable Option

By | October 17, 2020
Facelift Toronto surgeries

The cosmetic FACELIFT plastic surgeon specialist is called the supreme plastic surgeon as there are no margins for error in Facelift Toronto surgeries, and they demand supreme accuracy, technique, and focus.


A few important factors in facelift 

Not all facial lifts are conducted in the same manner, and all facial lifts are not the same. This has led to so much literary misunderstanding. I don’t want to mention that but some doctors do this for marketing, social media, and sensationalism.  

As the same, not all surgeons are equal.   You should consult a    true plastic surgeon, a reconstitutive and aesthetic surgeon, who is solely trained in aesthetics and facelift after a school. He/she must have undergone through five complete years of reconstructive and aesthetic study, sometimes taking additional years to sub-specialize. You also hear about non-plastic surgeons who call themselves ‘cosmetic surgeons’.

Moreover, you have facial plastic surgeons or have several family physicians who do aesthetic medications, a gynecologist who do cosmetics labiaplasty, monsplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation, you can call them a cosmetic surgeon, but it is not necessary that they are the plastic surgeon. Be careful about this.

A professional facelift surgeon can do most well thought and described therapies, including mini-facial lifting, 3-day facelift, thread-lifting, facing-lifting, short scar face-lifting, facelift MACS, classic facelift, facial SMAS or deep facelift, or core facial lifting.

Most of the facelifts need incisions around the ears. However, any procedure can differ slightly in terms of the extent and depth of the impact, it can notice back the ears and on the front of the ear.

A certain amount of time is needed for each technique, and that affects the costs. In addressing a particular facial aging problem, each technique has its own different goals and power. The closure is often important for a plastic surgeon because it often defines the quality of the scar. Usually, plastic surges close in many layers and use several but minimal stitches to create a stronger suture line.

There are many options that someone may need or be interested in adding to this classic facelift, and this will affect both cost and recovery. Those alternatives include:

  • Chin implant and jaw angle implants
  • Adding cheek implants
  • Upper and lower lid surgery
  • Adding temple implants 
  • Midface suspension lift by the lower blepharoplasty incision
  • Forehead lowering procedure
  • Bone shaving/sculpting
  • The peninsula, the forehead, the temporal, and the brow lift
  • Fat grafting to temples, lips, cheeks, jawline, etc
  • otoplasty, Rhinoplasty,  earlobe reduction
  • Hair restoration and transplantation procedures
  • Facial skin laser resurfacing

The recovery often varies according to the scope of the surgery. Fat grafting helps to increase the recovery with more inflammation and bruising. Moreover, male and female Jaw Angle implants come with more swelling. Both browlifts and front lifts tend to create bruises that go down into the thin lids and can occur for 2 to 3 weeks. Seven days after the facelift procedure, most stitches are removed.

The reality is that the pain is not as expected. For a few days, analgesics are recommended. The healing is also much more “social healing.”

If you think facelift surgery is not your cup of tea, you can get Botox Toronto fillers for a facelift. They are non-invasive procedures.