Top Qualities You Must Expect While Hiring Truckers In The UAE

By | September 27, 2020
trucking business in dubai

Businesses in Dubai are prospering in the present scenario. However, running a full forged business is not an easy job, especially when it is a trucking business.

Heavy truck transport companies in Dubai have to face considerable challenges in arranging finances, procuring vehicles, and employing good drivers. These challenges can only be overcome when particular scrutiny is done to build a business model.

When a company has to hire truckers in UAE, it has to make sure to check several factors which can affect their business in the long term, because any mishappening can lead to long term damage for the trucking companies.

Here are too qualities which must be expected while hiring truckers: 

Educational Qualification

The foremost thing that the companies need to enquire about is the educational qualification of the candidates.

This helps in understanding whether the candidate can think logically or not.

To become a good truck driver, primary education is required to check whether the driver is capable of acting responsibly in panic situations or not.

A degree from a high school or university is not required, but all the candidates should have pursued a driving course and obtained a CDL (Commercial Driving License).

As per the laws of Dubai, no driver is allowed to drive in a trucking company without having a CDL. 

Training and experience

Even if the driver has the CDL, he shall have training from a driving school. Driving is a skill that can only be learned by actually doing it.

The more you drive, the more you know. Apart from that, the drivers shall also have substantial experience in driving different vehicles. Most trucking companies have huge vehicles that require skilled and responsible driving.

It would be better if the candidate had a good driving experience of driving such vehicles. It indicates that the driver has the necessary training required to drive heavy trucks. 

Stress management skills

This skill is one of the essential skills that a trucker must possess. However, it is difficult for trucking companies to check stress management skills during the process of hiring.

The hiring team can test the reactions of the candidate by doing certain activities. The drivers need to be patient in panic situations where things can take a different turn if not handled carefully. 

Sometimes mechanical and technical errors can occur in the vehicle, leading to accidents; in such situations, the drivers must know how to respond.

Apart from this also, there will be personal stress for the drivers as well, so it is necessary to stay calm and focus on the work to become a good driver. 

Time management skills

Many trucking and logistics companies indulge in delivering orders to several customers across the region. For this time, management skills are required by the drivers.

The hiring team of trucking companies must check whether the truckers can manage their time between the orders. The time management skills can also help the truckers to get perks in the company. 

Even when the drivers have to make several deliveries and cover long distances, they have to plan the routes beforehand not to have to waste time during the delivery.

The customers and clients can get dissatisfied when the deliveries are delayed. So time management is an essential skill for truckers to possess. 

Communication skills

The truckers of the trucking companies are the first point of contact with the customers and clients. They need to make sure that they provide good quality customer service by delivering the orders.

While hiring the drivers, it must be assured that the drivers have the necessary language and communication skills. 

No matter what the circumstances are, the drivers should be able to manage the situation with the customers calmly. This ability can help them grow better in the organization.

Not only with the customers, but these communications skills are also required with other employees of the trucking company. 

Knowledge of vehicles

Drivers must not only have the knowledge and experience in driving, but they must also have the essential knowledge about the parts and functioning of vehicles.

Maintenance issues can occur during the route of transportation; the drivers should be able to solve such minor issues by themselves when no help is available around. 

The mechanical knowledge also assorted that the products on the vehicle are reached to their location safely without any hindrances. The hiring team of trucking companies should prefer those candidates who have additional knowledge apart from driving. 

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