Top 7 Stationary Items that you must have

By | August 24, 2020

Its been tough to remember all the necessary stationery items and it becomes a mess when someone goes again and again for purchasing stationery items. Stationary is one of the most commonly used items which is used in each and every department of the different organisations from schools to colleges, offices to banks, stationery is one such item that can not be excluded anywhere in the world.

No matters how smart the technology can be one day, but the dependency and use of stationery items can never be taken away in the day to day things. The items such as highlighters, papers, pencils, erasers, stamps, notebooks, sticky notes, colours, staplers and steples, and many more. This article has a list of important stationary stuff that is needed for a student, an office worker, or generally by the school. 

Stamps And Seals:

Seals or stamps are used in the identification of a particular organization or when if you want to send a particular package that weighs more than one ounce. It is the benchmark or proof of authentication that dignifies the trust of the company or organization whom so ever it is receiving or sending. There are many different types of seals and stamps such as rubber stamps, common stamps, pre-inked stamps, etc. check for the best quality of rubber stamps in Australia.

Pen and Pen Holders:

One of the most important stationery items is a pen. From signing to writing a letter, a pen is the only needed one. To maintain your desk in a proper way pen stands or pen holders come into play. Pens are available in different styles and quality such as ball-point pen, gel pens, and fountain pens. Pen stands are also available in different bodies and designs, like wooden stands, steel stands, or plastic stands.

Eraser, pencil, scale, and sharpener:

Some people forget the use of eraser and pencils, Eraser helps in getting rid off from the text written by pencil. If you want to draw straight lines without any curves then you’ll need a scale. And when your pencil’s lead becomes blunt, then a sharpener will help you to sharpen your pencil. These little and cheap stationery items may look odd these days but their usage and dependency can’t be compared with modern gadgets or smartphones which allow us to write or edit our text.

Notebooks And Papers:

Every written work is incomplete without a surface. Hence, in that case, we need paper or a notebook. When you need to write down something or when you forget your laptop at home then notebooks will help you to make notes. When you are travelling somewhere and thinking to write something about your journey or life experience than having a notebook in your hand is like a ice on the cake. You still can write on your smartphone or tablet, but sharing your experience or thoughts on a piece of paper can not be compared to any other thing in the universe.


As the name suggests, highlighters highlight the text. Suppose you are making notes from your textbook, and you need to remember the main points so that when next time you read that page again all the points are visible to you clearly. In that case, highlighter will help you to mark and highlight the important text.

Whiteboard, Marker, and Duster:

Whether it may be an office, school or particularly an individual. Whiteboard is a must. Suppose you are a private teacher or an employee at the office, you’ll need a whiteboard to teach, a marker to write, and a duster to rub. Whiteboard comes in different sizes such as 120 x 90 cm, 120 x 150 cm, or 120 x 180 cm.

Sticky Notes:

When it is important and you need to keep a record of it, sticky notes will help you right there. To make your desk clean with proper management of items, sticky notes will help you. Also to avoid mishaps like forgetting things, memory lapse, sticky notes are always there. It comes in many sizes like 3 x 3 cm or 1 x 3 cm. Conclusion: The time may change, the technology may shape its gears, but the demand for stationery items can never be replaced in the world. From ancient times to the modern society we all have witnessed in our life, that the stationery is such item which will grow its demand, as the time progresses away.

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