Top 6 WordPress Analytics Plugins to Improve Your Website Performance

By | September 30, 2019
WordPress Analytics Plugins

Do you have all the information related to your website? Well, most people will say yes! They will tell you about the design, content, layout, and navigation but might not be able to quote on the performance of the website. Why does this happen? Unless you have detailed information about your website, you cannot improve your website performance.

The details should include-

  • Information about where your visitors are coming from.
  • The amount of traffic your website has.
  • The amount of time spent by them on your website.
  • The campaigns bringing maximum traffic.
  • Percentage of the audience searching for your services and products
  • The pages that are not performing well.
  • Data on high-performing content

You cannot measure all this information on your own until you leverage the online tools and resources for analytics. If you have a WordPress site, installing analytics plugins can help you get all the data, metrics and insights about your website.  These plugins are meant to simplify the interface so that the users get the data they need easily.

Below is a list of the best analytics for WordPress plugins for 2019 with the features and benefits of each.

1.  MonsterInsights 

Today, over a million websites are utilizing MonsterInsights which is the most popular Google Analytics plugin in WordPress.  The plugin is easy to install and use. It adds Google Analytics code to your website without having to code. It stores the data in a user-friendly interface and breaks it into audience and behavior metrics. Apart from this, you also get the benefit of using advanced features such as eCommerce reports with the premium version.

The Audience report consists of information about gender, age, device, location, and category. The behavior report contains details about sessions, passengers, average session duration, bounce rate, search terms, referrals, and outbound links. 

2. Analytify

Once you install this plug-in, you do not need to manually add the Google Analytics code to your site. Just install the plugin and add the code in one click. This plugin offers all the standard Google Analytics reports and statistics. Not only this, but you can also enable front-end viewing reports for your website. This will enable other companies to read and understand the metrics they need to know. Analytify’s premium version is cheaper than MonsterInsights. With the free version, you can monitor the stats of your website and premium version offers additional features such as real-time statistics, campaign statistics, and more.

3. WP Google Analytics Events

This plugin will help you understand how users are interacting with the specific pages of your website. It can be really difficult to manually set up and configure events with Google Analytics. This plugin sorts this problem out for you. You can add this plugin to your WordPress website for free.

4. HubSpot

This plugin comes with a lot of benefits as it allows you to incorporate HubSpot’s forms, pop-ups, and live chat features on your website. With this plugin, you get to access the following features-

  • Contact Management –  manage all your contacts, leads, and customers in one location with a single contact database.
  • Forms – Easily create mobile-responsive and pop up forms on your website. Also, nurture your leads by adding follow-up emails.
  • Chatbots and Live Chat Features – Offer immediate assistance to visitors with the help of chatbots and live chat features.

Additionally, this plugin offers you features that help you understand which CTA can drive the highest number of sign-ups. This can help you understand and convert your visitors more

5.  Analytics Cat

This plugin is a quick and simple way to add Google Analytics code to your WordPress website. Though this doesn’t add a lot of features, it lets you add the Google Analytics code to your site in less than 2 minutes. If you do not want to weigh down your WordPress site with database integration, then this plugin is the best deal.

6. JetPack

Do you want security, performance, and management for your WordPress website in one package? JetPack is the one to be picked. This plugin guides your website against brute-force attacks and unauthorized logins. You will have basic protection absolutely free and for advanced features such as expanded backups and automated fixes you can always opt for a premium version of this plugin. This plugin will decrease the page-load time by optimizing images and reducing bandwidth usage.  You can easily create, customize and optimize your site for your visitors, with pro features of this plugin. 


If you want to bring the power of Google Analytics to your WordPress website, you can install the plugins described above. With the help of these plugins, you can get all the information directly from the WordPress dashboard. If you are wondering which is the best plugin for your website, then first find out your requirements. Every plugin has a special feature that can be utilized to overcome particular shortcomings.