Top 5 Trending Lockets That you must have in 2020

Collecting pieces of jewellery is like a passion for girls. We girls can never have enough of these shiny embellishments.

We all love to stay with the trend when it comes to fashion. We buy the latest clothes, footwear and bags to get the ultimate chic look every time. So why should our accessories and jewellery be of old designs?

The meaning of the locket is hidden in the word itself. It means a piece of jewellery which has some special memory locked in it.

That is why originally lockets were used to keep secret notes, pictures, etc. and were worn around the neck with a chain or thread.

As fashion evolved we tied different meanings to the lockets. Let’s have a look at some of the latest available lockets for women.

Dry flower Lockets for girls

Do you remember collecting rare leaves and flowers in old diaries and notebooks? Well, I bet some of us still do. Now think, how amazing it would be wearing that around your neck. Rocking, isn’t it?

In dry fower lockets, a piece of dried colourful flower, leaf or bud is stored inside a glass pendant. The outer glass pendant could be of any shape such as round, heart, oval or elliptical.

These pendants for women are perfect who love to include a hint of nature in their dressing style. You can pair this trendy locket with any floral or casual dress.

I love you in 100 language Locket

Words can never be enough to express your love for someone. But, saying I love You in 100 different languages surely adds weightage to your words.

i love you locket

These are holographic lockets with I love you written in 100 different languages. You can read the words by flashing a light source behind the locket and projecting it on the wall. I can tell you that people are going nuts over this piece of jewellery.

This projection locket is the game-changer in jewellery fashion. So hurry up and grab one of this unique locket now.

This locket actually makes a perfect anniversary or birthday gift for girls. So if you are a guy in search of the most amazing gifts for your girl then stop reading and get it ASAP!

Glow in Dark Crescent Moon Locket

Glow in dark accessories has been trending since the fall of 2019. As the name suggests this jewellery glows in dark like fireflies.

glow in dark locket

Moon is considered to be a symbol of love and beauty. This beautiful locket has a crescent-shaped moon with an attached glowing stone in the centre.

The glowing stone adds the perfect charm to this jewellery making it a suitable gifting item.

This type of locket is perfect for wearing during a date night or evening party. Believe us you will steal the spotlight of the evening with this amazing glowing locket for women.

Antique Long-chain Lockets

Long chains have been in fashion for a while now and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Antique lockets are usually paired up to get a bohemian look and style.

You can wear it with boho dresses or casual jeans. One of the most popular lockets in this category is antique owl lockets. There are literally hundreds of owl locket designs available.

The reason for this insane popularity is simple, owls look cute! These lockets are fun to wear and can be worn almost everywhere, no matter the occasion. Owl lockets are also an amazing gifting item for your best friend or sister on her birthday.

Heart chain Lockets

Another stylish and a head-turner piece of jewellery is this heart in chain lockets. What makes these unique and different is the way you wear them. These lockets have a hoop in between through which the chain crosses over.

Heart lockets look very elegant and can be paired with deep neck tops or evening gowns or dresses. They are ideal if you are trying to achieve a classy look for the occasion. You can also wear them on a daily basis as they are very light in weight and hassle-free.

With these stunning lockets, you don’t need to worry anymore of your style. These lockets for women are the trendsetters and we bet you are gonna rock everywhere if you have these in your collection.

The best part is, all of them are unique and caters to different dressing style and occasions. So even if the year 2020 is stressing you out, you can always find little packets of joy locked in these lockets. 

Aryan Singh

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