Top 16 Places You Must See Within the Route to Chardham Yatra.

By | January 13, 2020
Chardham Yatra
Chardham Yatra

Chardham yatra comes with a whole package of excitement, adventure, spiritual experience, and much more. Chardham sites are genuinely the most admired holy pilgrimages in India. Chardham yatra of Uttarakhand is also known as Chota Char Dham. Chardham yatra takes around 9 to 10 days itinerary to visit Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath, Kedarnath, the four pilgrim sites. But in case you are time-bound and can’t manage to get more than a week, for a trip to these perfect places, then I suggest you pre-book Chardham yatra by helicopter Package. But, besides these, there are many other places to visit during Chardham yatra. 

If you have decided to take the trip, then you should read further to know which places to visit on Chardham yatra.

One must visit the small yet significant attractions during their Chardham yatra because some people do the Chardham yatra only once in their lifetime, and in that time, they don’t want to leave any stone unturned. We will help you in identifying several other places to visit during Chardham yatra.

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Places to Visit on Chardham Yatra:-

Below are the places to visit during your Chardham yatra that will help you to explore this Spiritual Journey.

Places to Visit in Yamunotri :

The journey of the four sanctified places of Chardham starts from Yamunotri. The first place where you begin your journey is Barkot. And along with your trip, you’ll see some beautiful attractions which you can’t miss. You can reach Barkot by the road from Haridwar/ Dehradun.

1. Barkot-

A base camp in Yamunotri, Barkot, is a great place to enjoy with family as it includes fun and exciting activities in addition to trekking sports. The fascinating landscapes and beautiful views make the tourists go nuts. Barkot is among the top list of Places to Visit during Chardham yatra.

2. Hanuman Chatti-

It is located on the convergence of two rivers, the Yamuna and Hanuman Ganga river. Hanuman Chatti gives astonishing views of nature. You can reach there by covering a trek route to Dodital. 

3. Janki Chatti-

Janki Chatti is the most significant element of Yamunotri. You can take a ride or pony, and palki facilities are also there. Enjoy the hot water springs and the village scenes.

4. Surya Kund- 

Surya Kund near Yamunotri is the thermal spring with a temperature of 88- degrees celsius. A thermal spring covered by snowy mountains from all the four sides enhances the beauty of this place.

Other Chardham Yatra Places to Visit During Yamunotri Yatra.

Saptarishi Kund Divya Shila
Kharsali Dodital
Bali Pass Trek Kausani

 Places to Visit in Gangotri-

From Barkot Gangotri Shrine, the pilgrims now move to Uttarkashi for second place that is Gangotri.

5. Vishwanath Temple-

The temple of Lord Shiva which consists of a unique trident in the temple. The trident is made up of 8 imperative metals, and it is said that Lord Shiva killed Vakasur with this Trishul.

6. Gangnani- 

A hot water spring located around 48 kilometers from Gangotri Shrine. People love to visit this place because of its peaceful environment and tranquillity. And it is believed that one must take a dip in the hot spring before going to Gangotri.

7. Harsil-

It is the gem of Uttarakhand. It offers peaceful, serene views of the Bhagirathi river with a healthful environment. It provides plenty of options for sightseeing and exploring. Harsil is also the winter home of the deity of the goddess Ganga after the Gangotri temple is closed for six months. Harsil is one of the most beautiful places to Visit during Chardham yatra

Other Chardham yatra Places to Visit during Gangotri Yatra

Pandava Gufa Tapovan
Kedartal Jalmagna Shivling

 Places to visit in Kedarnath-

Kedarnath itself is one of the most delightful areas of Uttarakhand. But there are several other places which are meant to be explored in Kedarnath- 

8. Kalimath- 

One of the oldest and most renowned temples of Uttarakhand is famous for its culture. Situated at the height of 6000ft, this temple of Goddess Kali gives a scenic view of Uttarakhand valleys and landscapes. The most astonishing fact is that there is no idol of Goddess Kali. Instead of that, there’s a silver plate that is worshipped.

9. Ardhanarishwara Temple-

Another temple built in the memories of Lord Shiva. The specific fact about this temple is the idol, which is depicted in half male and half female form. 

10. Sonprayag- 

Located at the height of 1829 meters on the way to Kedarnath, it is a place where the two rivers Mandakini and Basuki adjoints. This place adds special significance in Hinduism. It is believed that by taking a dip in Sonprayag, one can attain emancipation.

These places add more significance to the Kedarnath journey. Some other areas which you can consider visiting are Sonprayag and Triyuginarayan, which come in the route of Guptkashi.

 And after visiting Kedarnath, the last pilgrim site to visit in Badrinath.

Other Chardham yatra places to Visit during Kedarnath Yatra:-

Vasuki Tal Gandhi Sarvar/Chorabari tal
Adi Shankaracharya Samadhi Chandrashila

 Places to Visit in Badrinath-

This place will set your soul free. You can start your journey to Badrinath from Guptkashi.

11. Chopta- 

Chopta is the starting place to start your trek to Tungnath, and it is also called the ‘Mini Switzerland of India.’ The breathtaking views of snowy mountains and valleys of the Himalayan region are enough to make your experience in this place worthwhile. Chopta is one of the most adventurous places to Visit during Chardham yatra.

12. Mandal Valley- 

This place comes in a way to Pipalkoti. This place is a starting point for many other tourist places. One can spend their whole life to enjoy the alluring views of valleys and mountains. It is a rejoice for tourists and visitors.

Several other places that you can consider visiting are-

13. Joshimath- 

One of the famous hill stations of Uttarakhand, this place is worth visiting in winter as the whole valley gets covered with snow and gives some worthy experience. 

14. Yog Dhyan Badri at Pandukeshwar- 

A temple located in Pandukeshwar where King Pandu did meditation and sadhana thousand years back. The temple consists of three idols of Lord Vishnu, Madri, and Goddess Lakshmi. 

15. Brahma Kapal- 

Another sacred place in Badrinath. Situated on the bank of the Alaknanda river, several devotees pay gratitude to their ancestors here. It comes after 100 m walking after the Badrinath shrine.

16. Bheem pul-

Bheem Pul is located just opposite to Vyasa Gufa, and it consists of a giant rock which created a natural pathway for river Saraswati. There is a story behind this place that Bheem, one of the Pandavas, threw a big rock to make a bridge for Draupadi so that she can walk across the river without any trouble. Bheem Pul is a must-visit Chardham yatra place. Bheem Pul is a must-visit Chardham yatra place.

Now, it is time to get back to Rishikesh from Badrinath after cleaning and purifying your body and soul. But on the way to Rishikesh, there are other places which attract tourists in hundreds. Some of them are-

Rudraprayag, a convergence of two rivers Mandakini and Alaknanda and 

Devprayag, which adjoints Bhagirathi and Alaknanda rivers.

These two places mentioned above don’t require much effort to visit, but it is also considered in place that tourists must visit.

Other Chardham Yatra Places to Visit During Badrinath Yatra:-

Vasudhara falls Valley of Flowers
Alka Puri Auli

So, above is a list of places to Visit on Chardham yatra that will help you to explore and experience this fantastic spiritual Journey.