Top 10 Things to do in Berlin with cheapest Tour Package

By | August 27, 2019

Germany’s capital, Berlin is exciting, diverse and vibrant but surprisingly, unlike the rest of the attractions with such notoriety in the world, Berlin isn’t expensive. The city welcomes low budgeted tourists in the same way as it receives the silk-stocking travelers. Berlin is a veritable heaven for thin-pocket travelers with tons of activities, nearly free of cost. Here are the top 10 things to do in Berlin with cheap flights if you are touring the enchanting city with a cheap tour package.

  1. Tour to Tempelhofer Feld: tourists who don’t want to spend anything but want to see a dramatic history than where would they find a place better than Templehofer? Popular for it’s Nazi and Cold War History, the ground of Tempelhofer ceased its operation in 2008 as an airfield. Once an airfield in the middle of the city, the turf now serves as a public park. The ground stretches over an area of 368- hectares, with miles of space for jogging, running and grassland. Tourists who want a hard-pressed ground without paying can use Templehofer for walking, windsurfing, cycling, rollerblading, skating, and for more. There are designated sectors for dogs to run, basketball courts, a baseball field, beer gardens and a small plot where locals can grow their own vegetable which is pretty interesting.
  2.  Adrift in Holocaust Memorial: an adrenaline-boosting experience but not because of excitement but because of the haunt. The place which reminds the persecutions of Nazis and their era, Holocaust Memorial is an area the size of a city block, filled with grey and dull gigantic concrete blocks placing next to one another which you can walk between to find your way out. Also referred to as ‘the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe’ after entering into it, the city’s hustle fades away, leaving only horror and fear with you. A free roller coaster for adventurers!
  3. Relax in Tiergarten: Tiergarten is the largest park in Berlin that was once used as the haunting field for the elites in 18th and 19th-century era. Turned into an astonishingly beautiful garden, The dazzling gardens and reflecting lakes of Tiergarten makes it a good choice for the tourists to relax and spend a good time here.
  4. Attend outdoor Karaoke at Mauerpark: the largest and most notorious flat market in Berlin is at Mauerpark. The market takes place every Sunday from 7 am to 5 pm, providing a chance to people to shop all their hearts out. If you don’t want to shop, the experience is still awesome because the market arranges an associated outdoor karaoke in an amphitheater. Those who want others to appreciate their talents belt out their favorite music in front of the local crowd. If the luck goes well, these amateurs can make their way to the music industry as well. Quite an opportunity for them and for the audience, well, they can enjoy quality time by pleasing their ears, without spending a single penny. A concert for free!
  5. Enjoy best views from Reichstag Dome: tourists can step inside Germany’s Parliament, the Reichstag and can take an elevator into its glass dome. The dome will make your way to the winding spiral staircase that bequeaths panoramic views of Berlin. Take a long breath and enjoy the fresh air along with the best views the city has to offer you.
  6. A walking Tour: Berlin is amazing and you can find about it more bypassing its streets and admiring its attractions. A good number of walking tours are offered by the city, operating on a donation base. Tourist can tour the most famous tourist sites such as the Holocaust Memorial or Checkpoint Charlie. The city walking tour also includes a glimpse at Potsdam which is a former residence of the Prussian kings.
  7. Feel fresh at the Gardens of Charlottenburg Palace: built by King Friedrich III in 1699, Charlottenburg Palace is a wonder of primeval architecture. Along with other spectacles of Palace like the Old Palace, New Wing, and the Amber Room, Gardens of Charlottenburg Palace are worthy to be admired. The Charlottenburg Palace is the only surviving royal residence and tickets to enter into the majestic Palace are expensive. However, the Palace doesn’t want to return the low budgetary with a heavy heart so its Gardens are open for the public and guess what? For absolutely nothing. You can visit the Charlottenburg Gardens for free at any time and enjoy the 18th century ravish.
  8. The street art at Berlin’s Wall: as the street art is really becoming a big deal in the rest of the world, Berliner artists are too taking it seriously and the displays at numerous walls in Berlin are proof to it. No need to pay for expensive art galleries because the street art and graffiti in Berlin is worth admiring. You can find a thing or two to praise at every corner and if you are striving for the professional workpiece then head to Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain where you can discover the gems of art for sure.
  9. Admire the dusk at the Landwehrkanal: built in the half-way of 19th century, the canal connects the Eastern part of the Spree in Friedrichshain with the Western part in Charlottenburg. The view it endeavors is absolutely amazing; a flowing canal with a bench at its sideways beneath the dried leaves falling from the trees. Tourists can enjoy their warm evenings by having a beer alongside their loved ones and family. Sitting on a bench and watching the sun to die at the Landwehrkanal is the best way to end your perfect day in the perfect Berlin.
  10. Dance to celebrate being in Berlin: if you want to learn to dance then where would you find a place better than Clarchens Ball house. Opened in 1913, this historical ball house has ditched the two world wars and is still standing tall and high. You can take classes as a beginner for salsa on Mondays and Wednesdays for free.