Tips to Increase Your Winning Chances at Keno Lotto

By | September 11, 2019
Keno Lotto

If you’re an avid lottery fan, you must have heard of keno. It shares a lot of similarities to the traditional lottery. You simply choose your favorite numbers and place your bets. Then the rest is left in fate’s hand.

What many people don’t know is that just like the lottery, there are ways to play smart and increase your chances of winning.

Choosing the right platform

After keno started gaining a reputation, many people wanted to have access to this game. There are many sites and casinos where you can play this game online and offline in real life. You should pick a place that has been hosting games of keno for at least a few years.

Playing the same numbers

Unlike the lottery, you don’t have to change your numbers if you lose. You can easily play the same numbers twice in a game of keno. There have been reports of people winning even after playing the same numbers more than once.

Play consecutive numbers

How many times have you been disappointed while playing bingo or roulette as you almost had the winning number in your grasp? In keno, it is advised to place a few consecutive numbers in your game.

Using a keno calculator

If you use online websites to play keno like Lottoland, then you can make use of something called a keno calculator. It is a tool that can determine your odds. You can also insert your chosen numbers, and it will tell you your odds.

Practice a lot

Keno is not like your regular lottery game so you might want to practice a bit till you get the hang of it. You can do so by playing online in small games which don’t cost that much and have a smaller winning prize amount.

Know what you want to do

In keno, you have two options. You can have your numbers picked for you at random, or you can select your numbers yourself. There are quick options to choose from that give you a randomly generated line of numbers to play with. You can try either option and see how you fare in them.

Remember the odds

As with lottery games even in keno, there is no assurance of winning using maths or tricks. Sometimes the odds might be in your favor while other times they may not be. You cannot hope to win every single time.

Winning is tough

One thing that separates keno from lottery games is the probability of winning. Your chances of winning in keno are a lot lower than in a lottery game. In keno, you can only win big if all 20 numbers match the 20 drawn numbers. The chances of that happening are rather slim.

Watch a few games

Before you try your hand at playing keno, you should watch a few games being played and make a note of the least drawn and most drawn numbers. For example, it has been noted that the least drawn number is 79, and the most drawn number is 42.