Tips to Boost up a Slow Internet Connection

By | January 20, 2020
boost up your wireless connection
boost up your wireless connection

Slow internet connections can occur due to many reasons, which is why you can apply multiple ways to boost up your wireless connection.

Targeted to all the causes of the slow net, this article shows the best tips to increase the speed successfully.

So, let’s start with the first tip!

1. Find a better position for your router

You can’t randomly place your Wi-Fi router anywhere in your home. The speed of the internet depends on the location of your router. Hence, you need to choose the best-suited location. And that location will be in the center. A place will allow Wi-Fi signals to reach every corner without any obstruction. This central home location should be open. No walls, decorative items, or any other kind of obstacles should stop the signal.

Also, when placing, make sure that the antennas are positioned to point upwards. The central location and upward-pointing antennas will provide an optimal boost to your home network signals and speed.

2. Keep the router away from other electronics

Many people decide to place their routers pretty close to a telephone or television. However, this is not the right decision, as other electronic devices tend to inhibit mywifiext Wi-Fi signals coming out of the router. Tools such as fairy lights, monitors, televisions, speakers, and others are not suitable for the message of your wireless network. Hence, it would be wise to select a place away from all the electronic devices while putting your router.

3. Remove other wireless signals

A router is not the only device emitting wireless signals in your house. There are other devices such as baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, and wireless cameras that emit wireless signals as well. These signals can interrupt the strength of router signals. So, you can try removing other unnecessary wireless signals. This will give a boost to your router’s signal. If that doesn’t work, you should need a router with dual-band capacity.

4. Put aluminum can go around your router

An aluminum container will work as a reflective surrounding to increase signal strength. Hence, it will boost the speed of your slow internet. You can use old containers made from aluminum, such as a beer can, to create a cover for your router. Remove the bottom and top sections and use the circular metal sheet to wrap around the antennas. Keep the front part unexposed. This will give an immediate increase to the quality of the internet you receive.

5. Change the password

If your net speed has suddenly become slow, it could be due to an unauthorized breach. Try to remember if you have shared your Wi-Fi password with anyone other than a family member. To stay on the safe side, it would be smart to change the password with a new one. Also, monitor the many devices connected to your network.

6. Schedule regular rebooting

If nothing works in your favor, you can manually restart the router once. Then, set it to regular automatic rebooting. You can schedule a per-day reboot or per-week reboot. This will allow your router to restart in a planned manner, and it will perform exactly the way you want.

7. Switch to a less crowded channel

Find out if your wireless network is sharing the channel with many of your neighbors. A crowded channel can reduce the speed of your internet significantly. So, to boost it, you can move to a less crowded channel. Look at the Wi-Fi channels available in your area and try them one by one to experience the best possible speed.

8. Get a Wi-Fi extender

If your home or office covers a big location, this could be the reason why your router isn’t able to provide high-speed internet. So, to resolve the problem, you can pair your router with an extender.

A Wi-Fi extender will increase the strength and range of wireless signals. It will collect the messages from your router and expand it. This way, you will get high-speed internet at every corner without worrying about any dead zones.

9. Replace your old router

Is your routerlogin very old or incapable of serving the signal requirements?! This happens when your router gets old, or your usage requirement exceeds the capacity of the router. In such situations, it makes all sense to find a better router best-suited for your purpose.

Now, you have all the tips to resolve the potential issues that can cause slow internet speed. You can try all the mentioned tips. However, installing a high-quality Wi-Fi extender tends to fix the problem of pace for most router owners.