The Future of Software and Automation Testing

By | September 30, 2019
Software and Automation Testing

Software testing is one of the vital tasks that need to be performed in the Software Development Life Cycle where the developed application will be tested under many matrices. Although the testing of software applications are done to ensure the quality of the applications, it’s still undergoing a lot of transformations in the IT field. This will make a lot of changes in the traditional software testing processes, and Automation is one such method that has made a way for all the other technologies to make a way through into the traditional software testing processes.

Automation Testing

Automation testing is the recent hype that echo’s at every corner of Information Technology companies. In case of software testing that is being done in most companies are mostly manual, and the problem with manual testing is that the tester needs to do the same work multiple times, which takes a lot of time. The major reason for the time consuming is because of the repetition of the processes that a tester should perform. But automation testing makes sure to save a lot of time and a manual tester will astound when he or she realizes the advantages of automation testing.

It Isn’t a Threat for Manual Testing

Many in the IT industry are taking the involvement of Automation testing as a threat for manual testing as the world seems to move towards automation everywhere possible. For instance, take Robotic Process Automation, many are considering this as an apocalypse for the jobs that are done manually. But the reality is that there are and there will be manual labor required even in the future. Then you might ask why it is been projected that way, well the advent of the technology isn’t a threat for all the traditional workers but those who know the technology are in demand. Same goes with Automation testing, where Selenium being the most dominating software tool to automate web-based applications and it has a lot of demand in the current market. This is the perfect time to switch jobs from manual testing to automation testing, and this can be done just by undergoing  RPA training in Chennai and other Indian cities.

CI / CD Integration

Continuous Integration / Continuous Development is one of the skills that are in demand when it comes to automation testing, the role of automation testing is to automate the test cases developed for an application. But it isn’t limited just to that, apart from merely automating the test cases automation testing will also require the automation tester to role play as a DevOps Engineer, sometimes to generate a build for the code that has been developed by the developer. Apart from this working in Jenkins, a CICD tool is also pretty common for an automation tester. Why Data Science Will is AGone was where the greater part of the IT works are done physically, welcome to the time where everything is mechanized to spare time and furthermore to give exactness. After some time, the reliance of robotization testing has expanded in the product business, presently computerization testing began creating more income and profitability. Because of this numerous organizations have begun figuring it out the highlights of computerization testing, and now has begun actualizing it. Mechanization testing gives more exactness and performs dreary assignments commonly with a similar exactness and efficiency of results. mong the Most Promising Careers This is used to schedule the test scripts to run at a particular time, this is done to run the test cases when the tester is not available in the office or to run it in the client’s timings if the client is located in a different time zone.

Well, many would showcase the cons of automation testing, the reality is that the pros of automation outweigh the cons of it especially in contrast to manual testing.