The 10 Most Effective Tricks to Make You Lose Weight Easier

By | September 8, 2019
Lose Weight Easier

With these tips, you can lose weight without hardly realizing it and without any sacrifices. And also, they will help you get into the habit of eating healthier

Surely you’ll be tired of hearing what are the best tricks to lose weight. And maybe you’re looking for a magical recipe that will free you of those extra kilos. However, when it comes to losing weight, there are no miracle diets or products that lose weight but habits that are maintained over time can help you burn fatter and reduce one size. The nutritionist and dietitian Marta Vallejo, of Medical Choice, a clinic specialized in fighting obesity, remind you.

  • Leave the sweets for a while

When the body receives excessive amounts of sugar stores it to turn it into fat. From now on try not to consume any bun, cake or another kind of candy for a month.

  • Goodbye to alcohol and soft drinks

They contain many calories and empty! Therefore, try to spend a few weeks without consuming any alcoholic beverage. Think of it as an experiment to see how you feel. To hydrate, use only water, and drink at least a liter and a half a day.

  • A trick to satiate you

Would you know how to distinguish when you eat because you really are hungry and when you do it because of anxiety? The mindful eating or conscious feeding speaks to us of the ’emotional’ hunger that which makes us resort to pecking as a lifeline of all our ills. If this is your case, always have a bottle of water next to it and turn to it when you feel that you are going to storm the refrigerator. He also resorts to infusions. The hot water helps you feel more satiated.

  • Eat healthier

Design your diet by adding more vegetables and vegetables to the dish to the detriment of other more caloric foods. Eat vegetables and fruits between 3 and 4 days a week and eliminate high-fat meats. Eat chicken breast or lean beef that are much more beneficial for health and carry fewer calories.

  • Kitchen with very little oil

It is true that olive oil is very healthy and is one of the bases of the Mediterranean diet but we must also know that it is a very caloric product. For this reason, it is essential to reduce its consumption to a large extent. Experts recommend taking between 3 and 5 tablespoons of oil a day to follow a balanced diet. However, how to lose belly fat in 10 days, with 2 or 3 a day is more than enough.

  • Do not miss the snacks

Dr. Francisco Grande Covina, one of the most important experts in Nutrition, said that one of the most important tricks to lose weight is ‘eat with your fist’, that is, consume few amounts at each meal but eat more times. Snacks are ideal for not getting too hungry to the main meals (lunch and dinner) and provide the body with the energy it needs to keep working.

  • Eat leisurely

A study conducted by the Laiko General Hospital in Athens saw that eating more slowly helps the body to get rid of hormones that help control hunger. On the contrary, if we eat faster, our body does not know that it is satiated and has the need to eat more.

  • Do not eat in excess during dinner

The food that most fattens is dinner, therefore, it is important to choose a light dinner based on vegetables or without fatty foods. A dinner of 500 calories will be enough to satisfy your nutritional needs.

  • Perform exercise

Of course, physical activity is one of the most important factors to lose weight quickly and safely. Only with 30 minutes of exercise every day will we notice a substantial change in our body.

  • Weigh yourself every day and keep a diary

It is proven that daily weighing can help to follow a pattern of healthy eating and stimulates the performance of the physical exercise. People seeing that the combination of new behaviors works are encouraged and continue to achieve objectives. Also, note what your ‘sins’ have been. Keeping them in mind will help you not to fall into temptation again. Likewise, to have in writing when you have had more anxiety and you have not been able to resist the temptation can be useful to prevent it next time.

“If we follow these tips to the letter we could lose about 1.5 kg a week, although it is not advisable to lose more than 2 kg, however, we must not forget that it depends on each person, their constitution, the functioning of their metabolism or the degree of physical activity he performs, “concludes Marta Vallejo.