Technology Is Killing Our Productivity, How Lets we Can See

By | August 29, 2019

Technology has become advanced and it is developing at a very fast speed and its aggression will destroy us through biological and nuclear war.

This statement was repeated by Mr. Stephen Hawking and he also told the disadvantages of new technological gadgets which is happening due to the advancement of science and technology.

Recent researches clearly show that more use of technologies may affect the physical mental and psychological health of the human being.

However, we are harvesting its seeds which will results from its appearance as it has introduced us with no difficulty and convenience.

It has changed the world’s dynamics and it has an important role in our day to day life. We depend on technologies for many activities such as education, health, and communication.

It has changed our daily life in many ways but now also our reliance is on modern tech which has taken the toll on us.

The use of technologies has become a part of our daily life and therefore, it is not possible to identify the effect of it, that how it causes our health and life.

We can expect that technological gadgets and devices have bombarded a number of problems which is detrimental to our productivity and efficiency.

Nowadays, students who are going to school, teenager and adults who working professionally are obsessed with using gadget and devices.

Many of the students are using gadgets and devices to save their time and energy from essay writing service in the UK.

Many students are using new gadgets and devices for entertainment and they even not realize that they are westing their capabilities and tendencies.

Due to the need for new technologies in the world, we have compelled to mention the dark side and disadvantages of technologies to aware the people.

Digital World Replaced Downtime

Taking some amount of time from our busy routine to relax our mind and to feel comfortable is much more important.

We are addicted to using new gadgets and devices in free time and due to this reason, it has become our daily habit.

If we have to enjoy a vacation in a beautiful environment and we have to spend our time with family at home but we are using technologies and its become undeniable part of our life.

Now, it is not possible to spend a day without using a smartphone because we are addicted to using new gadgets and devices.

However, the more use of mobile phones leads to harm our eyes and it also causes to our physical health. Smartphone also affects our learning abilities by disturbing our cell of the brain.

Most common reasons for causing a delay in our productivity is more use of new technological gadgets and devices.

The apps which are multiple entertainment and social networking sites which is present in the smartphones is the main reason for weakening all the creative abilities.

However, technologies have made our work easy by providing information but at work, it also decreases the efficiency and abilities of the people.

It is correct that new gadgets and devices have improved our work by providing various information and facts.

But we can’t deny the fact that it is the main reason which is causing a negative impact on our abilities and skills.

Technology Reducing Cognitive Abilities

It made us susceptible to use the advanced gadgets and devices which are good for any purposes but it also has many disadvantages.

Many people are spending five to eight hours of the day using smartphones and other devices.

However, some of the people may have to use it for their work but the majority of people are using smartphones as a leisure activity.

The people who are using smartphones for leisure activity they might be unaware that the use of smartphones decreases the cognitive functioning which has a negative impact on your focus and concentration.

We spend 70% of our pout time using apps, playing games such as PUBG, Clash Of Clans and using social media on our smartphones.

However, in smartphone educational apps, different educational forums and platforms are there that aim to provide maximum information on a particular subject.

But out of everything we are more like to waste our time scrolling our news feeds, playing the game and chatting with friends, etc.

Young toddlers, teenager and aged individuals their minds are susceptible to learn things from all of these apps and websites.

Undoubtedly, it had added convenience in our life but it also decreases our cognitive and intellectual abilities.

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Do not use digital technology too much because it affects our health, so better to keep them away or else you are using it then use in the limit.