Spark Creativity Designing with cardboard on this Christmas

By | October 29, 2019

Cardboard is the simplest craft material. It is cheap, easy to handle and is found in various textures and colors. The custom boxes we use for packaging and shipping are commonly made from cardboard. Packaging box manufacturers work on attractive designs to make them more appealing to everyone. If you get a time to clean up your storeroom, you will find several custom packaging boxes lying in some corner. Use them creatively to make various interesting crafts. Especially if the Christmas season is near, these boxes wholesale can be used to make different decorations for your home. It adds spark and more festivity to your occasion making people enjoy every second of it. Below are some of the creative designing ideas to be made with cardboard this Christmas:

3D Snowy Christmas Village:

This glittery Christmas village is a perfect project. You can design it from different sized custom made boxes for products. It adds immense pleasure to your holiday season. Do not forget to decorate the village with some of the flickering LED lights to make look awesome at night. Design it from colorful glittery cardboard paper. You may also add a snowy touch at the top of the huts to give them an enchanting look.

Cardboard Ornaments

This project is one of the favorites of many people because of the unlimited possibilities to customize. Design these cardboard ornaments from boxes custom made. Use color box packaging to make the design visually appealing. Tie cords and ribbons at the top to make them a hand with the ceiling.

DIY Minimalistic Interiors:

Thanks to these modern templates which create these stylish ornaments for your Christmas tree. They are perfect minimalistic interiors designed in black and white color. It seems like printing on cardboard boxes. The design is made by folding the paper in an origami style. Go for dotted, lined, or whatever pattern you like. Attach a string at the top to make them suitable for hanging.

Cardboard Candies:

These attractive candies decoration can be easily made from long pieces of cardboard. Different colored acrylic beads are attached in their center to give a beautiful impact. You may use any old custom luxury boxes or custom printed boxes to make them more attractive. Convert the box to straight sheet and cut it longitudinally to make strips. Fold to give the candy shape and pass a string with beads and let them hang through the ceiling.  Such creativity designing is perfect to add spark to your Christmas celebration.

Christmas Light Paper Garland:

It’s a bright-colored cardboard craft to add coziness to your place during the Christmas season. The decoration is made from multi-colored cardboard. Using old custom gift card boxes is a good option. They are available in different colors and design which makes them highly suitable for the craft.

Tissue Roll Snowman:

Christmas celebration is incomplete without a snowman but what to do if you want it inside your house. This craft project is an interesting way to spend a joyful time with your kids. Kids are fond of making a snowman. This recyclable decoration is a good alternative. Collect several empty toilet rolls. Make eyes, nose, and other features by using multi-colored markers. Use any old woolen fabric to make their hats and mufflers. You may also go for the use of buttons to make them more decorative.

Origami Christmas Wreath:

To make this traditional Christmas wreath you need eight folded square sheets of colored cardboard glued together. You may also go for using any good quality wrapping paper, upcycle magazines, scrapbook sheets, old comic books or even printed package boxes. The pieces of such paper should be glued to the base of cardboard and folded to make a flower like the style.

Cardboard Wall Reindeer:

A couple of carton boxes can be converted to this beautiful reindeer hanging on the wall. It is one of the creative designing ideas for Christmas decorations. The actual ones are expensive to purchase. Designing them from cardboard is fun as well as cost-effective. Make a garland from tree leaves to place it around its neck to create a true essence of Christmas.

Snowy Tabletop Christmas Trees:

Make this snowy forest of pine trees to add more charm to your Christmas celebrations. The project is best for those who like minimalistic styles of modern interiors. The tabletop trees are quick and easy to make. Use any old custom size cardboard box for this purpose. A bunch of them can make a great arrangement for a side table or a mantel. Although the trees are small these handcrafted decorations add a big style to your place. It’s your choice whether you want to keep them green or give a snowy touch.