SIM Data Check for Any Network Number in 2023

By | January 26, 2023

ould be expected to forbid one SIM card from their name and buy another one if necessary.

You ought to without a doubt survey SIM information data, including possession data, because of this issue. The PMD (SIM Data Framework) is another help from the Pakistan Media transmission Authority that empowers all Zong, Jazz, Telenor, and Ufone portable supporters of inspect the data of a telephone number.

Clients should give their CNIC number to get their own data utilizing the free SIM really look at administration. You should enter the quantity of the individual whose number you wish to be aware to get all the fundamental data.

What number of SIMs Permit against one CNIC?

In Pakistan, portable use has as of late encountered a spike in the year 2000. The outcomes are from the decrease in cell phone costs and boundless openness. In equal, the double SIM cell phone has acquired ubiquity in Pakistan.

Because of the need to guarantee that both SIM and telephone are enlisted through their web framework.

The PTA capability has now multiplied. Therefore, PTA portable enlistment check for cell phones was presented, and PMD was sent off for SIM confirmation.

Each client in Pakistan has two SIM cards on their telephones. Like how cell transporters started giving out free SIM cards with free calls, SMS, and web MBs.

Everybody appreciates acquiring things for no good reason. Along these lines numerous cell phone clients began getting free SIM cards from all organizations. Everybody presently conveys numerous SIM cards in their pockets. The clients use the SIM, make the most of any proposals from any organizations, and afterward switch it off.

Versatile suppliers have started offering different offers, including Jazz, Zong, Mobilink, and Ufone. This happened, however a while later, there was all an ascent in telephone extortion and boundless utilization of unregistered SIM cards.

Thus, PTA confines utilizing a few SIMs with a solitary CNIC. Nonetheless, this is right now restricted to a limit of five calling SIMs. Recollect that you have a different limitation for such SIMs and that it is excluded from the information or web SIM. It can in any case keep three web SIMs on a similar ID card.

Instructions to Check Any Organization Number Information:

You ought to be profoundly mindful of the number of SIM cards are enrolled in your name. This is on the grounds that you could cause problems assuming it is abused. Make certain to impede SIMs you don’t possess or aren’t as of now using.

A web-based SIM data framework that guides in SIM recognizable proof is given to you by the PTA. The web program simplifies it for you to get the number information. There are two methods for really taking a look at the SIM Information of your dynamic SIMs against your CNIC. You might see the SIM information utilizing a web-based device or the SMS administration.

Check Online PTA SIM Data Framework 668:

The PTA web stage makes tracking down a Portable Number in Pakistan with a Name basic. Open a program and adhere to the guidelines underneath to confirm your sim’s subtleties on the web.

Visit “,” the PTA SIM tracker’s true site.
Compose your CNIC number now, for example: 6110123456789.
Select the Unfamiliar ID tabs and information utilizing the organization BD989816346 in the event that you have an unfamiliar distinguishing proof number.
From that point forward, check the confirm box by making sure that you are not a robot.
At long last, click the submit button to wrap up. You will get an itemized outline with the quantity of dynamic SIMs.

Search PTA SIM Information Actually take a look at Through SMS:

Albeit basic, checking sim data by SMS isn’t sans cost. Give close consideration to the guidelines beneath:

Send off the message informing application on your telephone.
Without utilizing dashes, type your CNIC number in the space gave.
From that point forward, message 668.
You will before long get a reaction from PTA with data on the dynamic SIMs enrolled under your name.
You will be charged PKR2 + Expense each time you make a request through SMS to 668.
You ought to contact the client support focus of the important Organization Administrator in the event that you find a SIM that you’re not utilizing yet is as yet displayed as a functioning

What is the maximum number of SIM cards that can be registered on CNIC?

There can be five registered and active SIM card connections at once. This restriction is only applicable to one ID card.

The number of SIMs on my CNIC

By dialing the USSD code *336#, you may see how the verification of your phone number is progressing. Simply call the code and then press 1.

How can I discover the owner of the cell phone number?
Use the PTA online resource to determine who is the owner of a certain number.The registration of my SIM may I check, how?
First, dial *16001# from any cell provider.
Now, note down the final four digits of your NID.
The registered SIMs’ serial numbers can be found under the NID in