Should I Bet on the Super Bowl If I Don’t Know Football?

By | April 20, 2022

The NFL Super Bowl is considered ‘“Betting Christmas” with estimates that something like 23 million United States residents will wager over $4 billion on the game. Not every one of those people are an expert in NFL odds, player news, and team information – are they? 

There’s no doubt that having money on the big game definitely makes it more exciting to watch, especially if you’re not a fan of either of the teams playing. That enjoyment goes up of course if you win your bets, but can you do that if you don’t know anything about football? 

Here are some reasons why making a play or two on the Super Bowl can be a nice little way to wind down another NFL season.

You Don’t Have to Bet Big 

Something that is always preached in any form of gambling is to do it responsibly. If you don’t know much about any of the teams or players it’s probably not wise to bet $1,000, $500, or even $100 on the game but a $10 or $20 bet can still bring some excitement. 

Even people who follow sports religiously have a hard time winning over half their bets, so in some cases, you’re better off to kind of go in blind. There are also ways to make a lot of money even on a small wager, like predicting the exact final score or betting on which player scores the first touchdown. 

It’s Easier Than Ever to Make a Wager 

It used to be really hard to make a bet on the Super Bowl, you either had to fly to Las Vegas or find a shady friend-of-a-friend where you never knew if you were going to get paid or not if you won. Since the ban on sports betting got struck down in the Supreme Court a couple of years ago, over two dozen states have legalized wagering on the NFL and other leagues. 

You will have to be physically located in one of these states to make a bet on the Super Bowl, but the good news is that you don’t even have to go to an actual sportsbook to make the wager, with online casinos and mobile apps available right from a cell phone. 

It Can Be a One Time Thing

The Super Bowl is a very special event for a lot of people – sports fans or not. While it’s fun and exciting to also make wagers on Major League Baseball, the NBA, the PGA, and other leagues, the Super Bowl can also be the only event you wager on all season, limiting the risks of becoming a problem gambler. 

Since so many “one-timers” use the Super Bowl as their only time of year to bet, these online betting apps are trying to attract as many of those customers as popular. Therefore they are offering a number of incentives to sign up with them in a very competitive industry. They’ll often provide free bets, match your deposit, refund the first wager if it loses, and a lot of other interesting promotions. 

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) passes against the Cincinnati Bengals during the first half of the NFL Super Bowl 56 football game Sunday, Feb. 13, 2022, in Inglewood, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

There Are a Variety of Different Bets to Make

Perhaps the best reason to bet on the Super Bowl even if you don’t know football is because – you don’t need to know football. Gambling overall is a lot of luck, but a wager like $5 on a square to land the final score correctly is 100% luck. 

The Super Bowl is also the event where the most ‘propositional’ bets are offered. Many of these have nothing to do with football at all, like whether the coin toss will be heads or tails, how long the national anthem will go for, what the first song of the halftime show will be, and what color is the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach. 

The Super Bowl is definitely fun to bet on, even if you’re not going to a big party and just watching the game by yourself. Betting is very exciting, but once again only if it’s done responsibly.