Reasons Why Selenium is Famous These Days

By | October 7, 2019

Automation testing is in its peak as almost every company has started implementing automation as the companies have started realizing the significances of automation testing, this has led most of the companies to implement automation testing in their projects. This has happened due to the importance of regression testing in the projects when it comes to manual testing the steps that are used to test needs to be repeated when it comes to regression testing. Let’s just take a look at the reasons why Selenium being famous among test automation in the information technology.

Suite of Software 

When it comes to Selenium it isn’t a single tool, instead, it is a suite of software. Different types of software tools are used to handle different types of testing and actions that need to be performed, and Selenium allows different types of software tools to achieve it. Selenium software tool consists of four basic components, they are Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Remote Control (RC) and Selenium Grid. Each of these offers different functionalities and advantages to test a software application easily and effectively before launching it.

Better than QTP 

Before Selenium came into the market, QTP was the most preferred tool among the software companies, QTP stands for Quick Test Professional, which is now known as UFT (Unified Functional Testing). But the advent of Selenium has just wiped away the fame of QTP / UFT by covering the features that are not available in the former. And the other area where Selenium gains an upper hand over QTP is that it is free and open-source, but in the case of QTP, it is strictly commercial. Apart from these, Selenium provides cross-platform testing as it can be used in different operating systems too, in the case of QTP this is quite complex and Selenium is more flexible in contrast to QTP / UFT. This is the right time to undergo Selenium Training in Chennai as there is a huge demand for Automation Testing in the software industries.

Quality Isn’t An Issue

This is one of the basic inquiries that anybody would raise with regards to RPA improvement, yet truly RPA bots are guaranteed to give 100 percent efficiency just as nature of the errands that are allocated to it. Practically the majority of the bots that are created in RPA have no mistaken execution and are demonstrated to deliver quality results with regards to continuous procedure mechanization. For example, IVRS utilized path before RPA’s imagine has no or fewer blunders during its standard, much the same as that there are different RPA bots executed in the ongoing situation where none of them are accounted for to deliver a mistaken outcome.

More or less, RPA bots are going to take a major jump sooner rather than later because of the interest that is available in the present market. RPA preparing in Chennai has a great deal of consideration because of the expanding work necessity in the Information Technology field. Aside from that, there are a ton of individual business visionaries who are conceivably searching for RPA bots to execute in their business as they are demonstrated to give more exactness and efficiency to the errands that are doled out to perform.

Multiple Languages and GUI Selection

Selenium provides support to test applications that are in different languages, where this can’t be tested when it comes to manual testing. Apart from this Selenium provides high Graphical User Interface (GUI) support to test web applications where there are multiple classes specifically designated to perform these actions. Apart from human languages, Selenium can be used with different programming languages, they are Java, C#, Python, etc. This helps the Automation Testers who are from different backgrounds to flexibly work in Selenium as they will be more comfortable in their particular field. 

Other than the above-mentioned pros, Selenium has a lot to offer in the current Information Technology world. Due to these reasons,

Robotization Testing is one of the most resounded terms in the IT business nowadays, in spite of the fact that there is a gathering of individuals who are shielding manual testing computerization has a lot of focal points over manual testing. This is one reason that organizations are going for mechanization with regards to computerization web application robotization is the most regularly utilized. Selenium is one of the most overwhelmed apparatuses in the market that is utilized to mechanize web applications. This has a great deal of utilization in the IT organizations as it serves to Selenium is quite famous in the automation field and users of Selenium and the companies that are using the Selenium tool are far more satisfied with the results that are achieved used the Selenium tool to automate test cases. Due to these reasons, there are many students and working professionals wishing to undergo Selenium training in Chennai as has got one of the highest job openings in the automation testing domain. So this is the right time to change your career if you are looking to change.