Reasons for Lapis Lazuli Appreciation

lapis lazuli

Deep cultural heritage lapis lazuli is abundant in Afghanistan. There is no lapis lazuli deposit in China, so lapis lazuli birthstonename ring online used since the Han Dynasty usually came through trade or tribute. By the Ming and Qing dynasties, lapis lazuli carving began to flourish, and it was mostly used in Buddha beads and count beads.

Lapis lazuli of gem-quality is scarce. Lapis lazuli has many veins and large annual ore output, but the proper materials are limited. At least 80% of the lapis lazuli yin yang necklace produced each year does not reach the gem level. Its ornamental value has been recognized since ancient times, especially in the Qing dynasty, the imperial court widely used it.

What kind of lapis lazuli is more likely to add value? If you want to add value, you must identify the gem-level lapis lazuli, and the commercial-grade is more suitable for decoration.

Lapis lazuli is rich in mineral production, but lapis lazuli that can reach the gem level standard is exceptionally scarce. Therefore, if you want to invest in value preservation, you must choose gem-level lapis lazuli necklaces for girlfriend to buy; many people think of lapis lazuli the more gold spots, the better the quality. The opposite is exact. Gold spots and white lines in lapis lazuli are impurities. Therefore, fewer white lines are better. At the same time, lapis lazuli with less gold spot and evenly distribution is the best.

Many people like lapis lazuli because its bright blue color is filled with gold and white spots. Therefore, many pieces of jewelry will choose lapis lazuli with more impurities to design relatively inexpensive and creative infinity bracelet jewelry. If you only use it for decoration, then this type of jewelry is very suitable.

“Gold” and “white” on lapis lazuli:

Lapis lazuli has unique blue, dark blue, light blue, and light cyan colors, which can be divided into different gem varieties according to different colors. Lapis lazuli often contains other minerals such as pyrite, diopside, and calcite fingerprint jewelry. According to the difference in mineral composition, color, and texture, lapis lazuli can be divided into the following quality levels, and their quality decreases in order. Only lapis lazuli level and above are worth investment.

1. Lapis lazuli level:

It is the best quality lapis lazuli. The lapis lazuli mineral content is above 99%, no pyrite, and few other impurity minerals. The texture is dense, robust, and delicate, showing an intense, pure, uniform blue color.

2. Green gold level:

Lapis lazuli name bracelet mineral content is generally 90% ~ 95%, without white spots, contains sparse star-point pyrite and a small number of other impurity minerals. The texture is relatively pure, dense, and delicate. The color concentration, uniformity, and purity are poor than lapis lazuli level.