Post Laser Hair Removal Tips

By | February 26, 2021
Hair Removal
Hair Removal

The excellent thing about laser hair removal is that it’s pain-free. It’s also a non-invasive procedure, and it won’t take time to recover. The best part is that it will take a while before your hair regrows. Despite that, you still need to follow some tips to care for your skin after the laser hair removal. These are some of them.

  1. Cleanse the treated area gently. You can wash the operated area with water after the procedure. It helps remove dust and dirt. However, it would help if you’re gentle in doing so. Otherwise, your skin will get irritated.
  2. Don’t scratch the treated area. Not everyone acts the same method to the treatment. Some people might keep scratching the treated area because it’s itchy. There might also be some redness and bumps. Regardless of what happens, you need to control yourself. Don’t scratch the affected area since it will only get worse.
  3. Don’t apply products with chemicals. If you are usually using lotion and moisturizer on your skin, it might have to wait for a while. The same thing is true for tanning lotions and spray. Allow your skin to recover first before using these products again. They contain chemicals that might irritate the treated area.
  4. Let dead hair fall. Within 5 to 30 days after the treatment, you might notice hair falling from your skin. It’s natural. Don’t do anything about it. It shows that the treatment works.
  5. Redness and bumps are normal. If you notice redness and bumps on your skin after the procedure, it’s normal. Don’t panic. Don’t apply anything. These are indications that your skin is reacting to the procedure. After a while, it will go away. Concentrate on other things so you can think about this issue. 
  6. Don’t expose your skin to the sun. If you’re thinking of going on a beach holiday, you have to wait until your skin recovers. Exposure to the sun will further irritate your skin. 
  7. Don’t use tweezers. Not everyone has the same hair growth rate. Some people won’t experience hair growth after the laser hair procedure, while others will see small hairs within a few months. Regardless, you have to avoid using tweezers. Allow the hair to grow to observe the best results. Avoid shaving and waxing too.
  8. Schedule another session. For laser hair removal, there might be a couple of sessions necessary before seeing the best results. Schedule the entire session as required by the clinic. You can visit for more details. Determine the cost first before you decide to pursue the procedure. Otherwise, you might have to stop because you can’t afford it. In some clinics, there’s an installment plan available.

Listen to your doctor for the best results. Before you even pursue the procedure, you have to ask for more details first. Ask questions until you feel confident about the procedure. You can also talk to other people who tried laser hair removal before. They will give you tips to help you get through it.