Points To Consider While Applying For Parent Visa Australia

By | September 7, 2019
Parent Visa Australia

Contributory parent visa 143 could be termed as the best Australian parent visa that would provide sponsorship to the applicant’s parents. This visa type would enable the parents to come and stay in Australia. The visa provides a lot of options where the parents could work, study and live in Australia permanently.

In case the parent’s wills to stay in Australia for near about two years then the ideal visa would be of contributory parent visa 173. There are huge differences regarding receiving the other parent visa of Australia where the sponsor of visa has to wait longer and pay more. Both 173 and 143 subclasses of visa based on side of merit rather than lengthy type process. These visa subclasses are eligible for every applicant and could be accessible to the nationalities of New Zealand and Australia.  

There are 10 things for applicants of visa regarding Australia’s contributory parent visa:

  • No delay in contributory parent visa issuance

An applicant is permitted to sponsor his/her parents. No period of waiting or timeline is settled if the applicants want to bring the parent permanently in Australia. The allotted period is less compared and faster to the visas of the general type which could be extended to more than 10 years.

  • No rate of refusal and fewer fees

It could be considered as the advantage of added type for the sponsor. The applicant does not require waiting for 30 years or so unlike another form of visas. This decision must be taken on the application of a visa. Rates of refusal for the Parent Visa Adelaide of contributory type are considered to be less as compared to that of the visas of the parent type.

  • Plan benefits of Medicare

It could be benefited more when the visas of temporary type like 173 or contributory visa 143 of permanent type are considered. The time when they receive the visa grant they would be entitled to the plan of Medicare.

  • Eligibility to study and work

As a parent, they could study and work if they received the contributory permanent visa or permanent type. A similar type of provision is applied if the visa is chosen stands for a period of five years or two years. The duration of the visa does not create any hindrance while traveling in and out of the nation of the island. 

  • Expensive to implement in two different stages

Instead of making payment in two different stages applicants would be allowed to make payment in a single form of the stage for a single type of parent. As compared to two different stages, the applicants could make payments which would include permanent and temporary fees. It would be better for the applicants if the payment is made in a single stage. Support assurance, application, government contributions are the cost that would be paid by the applicants to the authority.

  • Visa of bridging type for an onshore contributory parent visa

An applicant could be from Australia or outside Australia for lodging his/ her application of subclass 173. It is also known as a temporary subclass 173 visa. However, the applicant must not be present in Australia for the grant of a visa. The applicant would not be eligible for obtaining a visa of bridging type to stay lawfully within Australia at the time of processing of parent visa Australia (subclass 173).

The applicants are not permitted to the grant of visa if the applicants want to live in Australia. In fact, the applicants would not be eligible for obtaining a visa of bridging type to stay lawfully within Australia at the time of processing of parent visa Australia (subclass 143).

  • Sponsor must meet the requirement of income

The applicant needs to provide support to his/ her parents in finance term as the applicants are considered to be the Australian resident.

  • Provide evidence between organization and applicant

The immigration department of Australia would not permit the applicant to become the parents sponsor if the applicant is less than 18 years. There is another option too which comprised of community organization sponsoring preference on the behalf of the applicant. Communication between the applicant (details of the parent) and organization must be introduced before the department of immigration.

  • Apply before the expiry of contributory parent visa

If the expiry date is near then it would be better to apply for a contributory parent visa of temporary type. It could also lead to losing the opportunity of benefits of Australian parent V. One of the vital factors that must be remembered is the visa of the temporary type comprising of subclass 884 or 773 cannot be extended or renewed.

  • Payment of social security and pension

As an Australian parent visa holder, the applicants are not entitled to get a pension of age and security payment of social type based on automatic.

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