Photography with Story

By | September 30, 2019
Photography with Story

“A Picture Says Infinite Words”

A human mind was never able to seize the moment by imagination, for what it was perceiving until the

Camera entered into humans lives.

Now that we can show our imagination and beyond with tools available after we capture the scene with a camera, we the humans feel more in control of life itself. The captured image or movie clip can be manipulated in ways that it can overwhelm us in many ways.

To begin with, we can show it’s a day when it’s night, we can run the stream in the river even it is dry and more to that we can destroy a car into pieces with blast even if there will be no real explosives. We all understand the power of editing and after-effects and what impossible things it can make possible.

But here we are talking about photography which is sometimes ordinary and few times it’s beyond belief. The kind of photography which creates a story in the image is the key to embed emotions in the captured moment, while it is very hard for everyone.

Now we at are experts of storytelling by our every frame. So now you can imagine how enriched will be our production. We do that so “Brands” we work for resonating their persona and image.

If seeing is believing for you, then visit our following digital assets;






As you have seen our work is overwhelming and satisfying for any business or industry that exists, in Pakistan or Internationally.

Our diverse portfolio will make you understand that we see things beyond photography. We create persona, image and even promise ROI (Return on Investment). We are sound when it comes to portraying the brand in consumers’ eyes.

Theoretically, a picture would say infinite words until it lasts even afterward. Because every time you will see “A picture” it will tell a story, different each time. It’s easy to see how the picture actually says infinite words.

IN PERSPECTIVE OF BRAND we make picture say things consumer wants to see and for everyone, the story is different, because of each human’s uniqueness and by taking advantage of this uniqueness we set the boundaries for the “Picture” to not say anything else other than our set objectives. Right away you can see there is a challenge. We at Plum know how to conquer it every time.

DIRECTING the brand is what we do with our actions while making each communication.

This reflects into our all masterpieces we ever created. You can check out our work each photo, each video or even campaigns to activations on above links or if you are keen to see us visit our website.

Coming back to the subject we are saying a story is in a single moment, a feeling, a joy, a taste or sensation to even imagine, the story goes on. And this is precisely our magic we create infinite possibilities here with our storytelling in more of a disciplined artistically corporate way.

We encompass all kinds of photography possible, be it fashion, celebrity endorsement, product photography, campaign creation, photo-stories of corporate and social activities, business and goods production operations, and even landmarks and tourists locations.

From all that we create, you can already see the infinite world of possibilities which is our game board. We never say that we’re perfect because each day brings new challenges, thus we love to learn. So this way we open ourselves to all the possibilities we can play with and get beyond the competition by each passing moment. And this determination is all for our respectful clients and future clients as well.

If I would like to conclude my topic with solid grounds,

“It all depends on the human experience, the current digital world and access to information, it proves that if a recent digital user is to be hooked by a photograph because it tells many stories is an achievement for a photographer”.