Perfect Guide for Fashion Styling Course

By | March 13, 2021
Fashion Styling
Fashion Styling

When we talk about visual art, some common art forms that come to mind are film, painting and fine art, sculpting, and even graffiti. But what about fashion? Fashion constitutes more than clothing and is a way to express yourself through a visual presentation. Thus, it is a unique form of self-expression that can empower the soul.

What is fashion styling?

Be it movies or TV shows, our favorite protagonists always have their personal style, which we often fall in love with. From‘The Devil Wears Prada’ to ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, you will find the characters following a fashion theme that resonates with their personality and personal transformations.

It is a fashion stylist’s job to bring out an individual’s positive attributes through their clothes. Choosing the right outfit to put together a whole look that can accentuate a person’s best features is nothing less than art. Are you looking for fashion styling courses in India? If so, then read further to get an overview of the course offered by a reputed institute.

Fashion styling course: An overview

The fashion styling course is designed for those who wish to express themselves through fashion and believe they have something fresh to offer the industry. The course is usually structured to allow students to learn and grow at a steady pace. Students will be introduced to fashion concepts that include image design, digital fashion design, and social media. 

But that is not it! Students of a fashion styling course will also be required to go beyond academic boundaries, which includes industry interaction and visits to provide sufficient exposure. Finally, the course will also involve interdisciplinary learning and hands-on experience through independent projects with renowned fashion labels.

Moreover, in India, fashion styling courses pursued from top-notch institutions such as the Pearl Academy will cover three significant areas of styling, as discussed below.

Personal styling: This is the type of styling that is focused on an individual’s personality, where the stylist tries to put together looks that flatter the person. Personal styling is a growing career option that includes styling for common people as well as celebrities. Most big celebrities have their personal stylists who help them find and follow a unique signature style.

Editorial styling: This form of styling is responsible for creating looks for photoshoots in fashion publications. Editorial styling is not about personal style but rather about the brand or designer’s image and style. Editorial stylists work with leading brands and fashion magazines to bring a brand’s vision to life in editorial shoots.

Commercial styling: Commercial styling deals with creating looks for product campaigns and marketing. The stylist works closely with the photographers, videographers, directors, and designers to bring out the brand’s message according to the brief created by the client or creative team.

Career path and scope

The fashion industry is spreading its wings in India, which means there are numerous opportunities for fashion enthusiasts. The world of fashion keeps evolving and remains a dynamic field fit for those who love to grow and learn. It opens up a whole range of avenues for students, such as:

  • Fashion labels and brands
  • Retail clothing brands
  • Electronic media
  • Print media and fashion magazine
  • Corporate and organizations
  • Trend forecasting agencies
  • Fashion or entertainment media
  • E-Commerce portals
  • Costume designing
  • Commercial stylists
  • Fashion and lifestyle bloggers
  • Public relations firms
  • Corporate trainers
  • Image designers
  • Personal shoppers
  • Social media managers
  • Fashion show stylists
  • Celebrity stylists
  • Image consultants

If you are searching for fashion styling courses in India, you must consider the Pearl Academy, one of the world’s leading fashion institutes. Opportunities in the field are plentiful; make the most of them today!