Outsourcing Your PRO Services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Wider UAE

By | October 6, 2020

The key focal points of outsourcing your company’s PRO and Admin capacities

As organizations in the UAE start to search for more proficient and cost-effective ways to manage their business during COVID-19, there has never been a superior opportunity to consider IT outsourcing companies in UAE your Corporate PRO Service to help your company’s operational, admin and HR requirements.


Duce the costs of running an internal PRO and Admin department in house

RPO Partner Group’s corporate PRO retainer service eliminates the requirement for your company to enlist an in-house administrative and PRO team. The expenses for our PRO services retainer will always be fundamentally underneath what it would cost for you to enlist and manage equivalent staff with a similar expertise. This will save your company cash on staff compensations just as relevant running costs, tips, leave costs, transport, incidental costs and management time and internal HR assets that accompany the running and maintaining a PRO and Administrative department. In addition, you will approach a much bigger asset with PRO Partner Group, with numerous PROs and experts to help you in completing your processes on schedule and correctly.

Admittance to Knowledgeable Team

Star Partner Group’s expert operational and PRO services team have completely cutting-edge data on all relevant government methodology and are in communication with the UAE government departments on an everyday premise. The PPG team will stay up with the latest on each change to rules and guidelines, just as methods and functional processes. This enable us to keep you educated and furthermore to ensure we process all your PRO and Visa Services accurately and quickly.

Save your time and internal assets

With PRO Partner Group’s expert team at your disposal yet with and a single point of contact, we use numerous PRO assets to ensure that your PRO processes are embraced with minimal contribution from your side. We ensure that your time is utilized productively in acquiring all grants, staff visas and other corporate and authorizing documentation.

Prevent fines and reduce postponements and vacation

Working with an expert PRO company like PRO Partner Group will ensure that your Visa, HR and Company Licensing methodology are done correctly, expertly and on schedule. Frequently organizations that handle their own PRO processes just as staffing agencies in Dubai  and corporate administration and government contact work come up short on the on the ground expertise to finish the tasks totally and on schedule. Postponements, lapsed records, licenses and visas can acquire hefty fines and will cause delays with thump on impacts in different regions of your business. Genius Partner Group ensures that every one of your processes are done before expiry or deadlines, and we ensure that we have alarms in great opportunity to tell you of forthcoming work and our operational team will ensure all archives are set up to finish each task mentioned in a timely way.

A single point of contact with a committed accounts manager

When you set us up as your re-appropriated PRO Support provider you will be apportioned a single point of contact with one of our devoted operations accounts manager. Our operation team account managers are profoundly prepared to deal with the entirety of your systems and to ensure that you are refreshed with all necessary data, with normal report and contact. The operation team manager at that point handles the various PRO assets inside PRO Partner Group to execute your processes quickly and to provide ordinary criticism and conveyance of service to you.

Deadline, expiry and restoration reminders

Once onboarded with a customer, PRO Partner Group maintain a detailed CRM ready framework that tracks all necessary company and representative documentation; with expiry dates and reminder cautions customized to ensure that we can provide timely reminders for corporate permitting and documentation reestablishments, just as worker ID and Visa recharges just as other HR archives and processes.

Full transparency on process steps and costs

Your PRO Partner Group operations account manager will set out all the detailed advances, requirements and courses of events for each process to ensure that we can convey the PRO Services to you in a timely and accurate manner to give you full visibility. In addition we will set out all the relevant procedural costs – all administration expense and other outsider charges will be embraced at genuine cost with unique receipts provided, and customary articulations of account communication to your fund team.