Nothing 1 Smartphone Changes The Game

By | July 27, 2022

The smartphone market has become increasingly saturated and overpopulated as new devices seem to be released every day. The big hitters in the industry such as Samsung, iPhone, and Huawei have hundreds of models up for sale, each with slight tweaks and differences from one another.

The market has been crying out for something new and innovative, which is exactly what UK-based company Nothing wants to provide, with the release of their brand-new smartphone the Nothing 1. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the release, and now that it is finally here, we can take a deep dive into what makes this device so special.

Conventional Design

The design of the Nothing 1 phone has created somewhat of a divide amongst fans and smartphone enthusiasts, because of the device’s transparent back. Many fans expected the Nothing 1 to come with something brand new and never seen before, but it is clear that the design of the smartphone takes a lot of inspiration from the latest Apple iPhone models. This comes despite creative director Carl Pei stating that the Nothing 1 will be unlike anything ever seen before on the market. The conventional design of the Nothing 1 phone has left a few, who were waiting in anticipation, feeling rather disappointed.

The Nothing 1 phone, like many of the modern smartphones on the market today, features two cameras on the pill-shaped island found on the back of the phone. Next to the cameras is a microphone and a flashlight which ensures high-quality simultaneous video and audio recording. A nice design feature, that not many other smartphones have incorporated is the fact that the recording light flashes on and off when a video is being recorded. It’s a nice touch but nothing that truly makes the Nothing 1 phone stand out.


The Nothing 1 phone comes stocked with a Snapdragon 778G+ chipset – one of the best on the market when compared to other high-quality smartphones. There has been speculation that the latest iPhone will be equipped with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. This is exactly the same as the aforementioned chip, save for two upgraded features: it can support wireless and reverse wireless charging, so playing slots in Philippines on the go without having to worry about battery life is easier than ever.

This confirms that the Nothing 1 will not have wireless charging, but it will have one of the fastest processing chips, meaning it truly can rival its biggest competitors.

The Nothing 1 phone will be powered by Android. This is to be expected, and a good choice as popularity around Apple operating systems has been starting to wane in recent months.

Entering the Market at the Right Time

Nothing has chosen the perfect time to enter the smartphone market, as the industry starts to get back into its pre-pandemic numbers. Statistics show that smartphone sales were down 17% in 2021, due to the global shortage in processing chips that occurred after the pandemic in 2020. The industry is calling out for some revitalization, and the Nothing 1 phone could be the device to do exactly that.