Need to Know 5 Types of Spine Surgeries

By | April 10, 2019

Back pain problems could be the result of several reasons, the most common of them being seating for long hours at one place and not doing exercise. Medicine and exercise are usually the primary and preferred treatment for back pain. The doctor may recommend surgical intervention if the condition gets worse or non-surgical methods to fail to give any relief to the patient. There is much better- known orthopedic implant company in India, who offer implants and instruments used in the spinal surgeries to help patients so that they can lead a stress-free and healthy life. This blog summarizes the spinal surgery procedures.

1. Spinal Disk Replacement

Spinal disc replacement is a recent surgical treatment for back pain. In this procedure, the problematic spinal disc, situated between the vertebrae is substituted with an artificial disc.

2. Foraminotomy

Foraminotomy is a surgery in which the bone or tissue that compresses the spinal nerve root is taken out. The surgery is performed to expand the passage between the spinal nerve root and spinal canal.

3. Discectomy

The damaged material of the herniated disk is removed through Discectomy. The central portion of an intervertebral disk that causes pain by stressing nerves or the spinal cord is removed by the surgeons.

4. Spine fusion

Spine fusion surgery involves joining of at least two vertebrae in the lower back to increase spine stability. Some procedures of spinal fusion are stated below-

•A bone is taken by the surgeon from a bone bank or pelvic bone to bridge the gap between two or more vertebrae.

•Metal implants are used to hold two vertebrae together, inducing new bone growth between the vertebrae.

5. Laminectomy

Laminectomy is considered as one of the most recommended types of spine surgeries in stenosis and spondylolisthesis. The surgery is performed to remove the backbone parts to reduce pressure on the spinal nerves. Laminectomy is performed with spine fusion surgery if any instability is suspected by the surgeon.


People opting for any of these surgeries should not miss any follow-up session for a proper, expeditious and better recovery and must follow their surgeon’s recommendations after the surgery. If you experience serious pain in the backbone, consult a reliable doctor for diagnosis of the problem. One should be extremely careful and ensure the use of quality spinal implants to Avoid delaying proper treatment by trying home remedies or Over the Counter medication.

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