Local Australian Holiday This Season Vs Foreign Tour – In Light of Covid-19

By | July 20, 2020

The holiday season is on full swing right now. At least when you look at the time of the year, it is. Yet, the notorious Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 has put a halt on it for now. Usually, during June and July, which is winter in Australia, locals are busy planning their abroad holidays. This is largely due to the opposite weather conditions that are here in Australia.

June, July are winter months in Australia and are scorching summer months in rest of the world (most of it). European holiday in June or July or one to any Asian dream destination is always on the cars for Australians. This is why we see so many people at local currency exchange in Melbourne outlets. Here’s what we thing about local Australian holidays vs foreign ones for most Australians:

So Many People Come to Australia from Around the World

Something that Australians need to know is that the country is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. There must be a reason why millions of people turn their sails towards Australia for tourism right! Actually, there is more than one reason if you be realistic.

Quite simply, yes. For one, the opposite weather phenomenon suits foreign travelers coming into the country. Winter in Europe would be summertime in Australia. This would make a lot many Europeans want to visit Australia during the June, July period.

Also, Australia has some of the most beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and natural lake systems. Almost everyone knows the famous pink lakes in the country. Simply put, so many people from around the world come to the country to see something they know is great.

Australians Prefer Foreign Tours Definitely

On the other hand, while there being so much in Australia, locals prefer other countries for tours. Locals in the country also benefit from the opposite weather conditions. Winter here, June, July time is summer in other parts of the world. A trip to Thailand for example during this time is welcomed too.

This general preference for Australians to go abroad on holidays and not visit all the places inside the country has dried up tourism. All the popular tourist spots are literally emptying currently as no one is traveling in from other countries. Tourism globally has come to a pause right now in fact.

There is no doubt that most Australians would rather travel to foreign countries instead of planning national holidays. This is all good and well in normal circumstances. However, currently, we are not in normal proceedings. Things might have to change if we are to adapt with the virus.

Australia Has Much to Offer for Nationals Too

There is no reason why Australians can’t have a great time without traveling to foreign countries. Matter of fact, whichever country you travel you, it’s more of the same everywhere. Apart from a few minor differences, many popular tourist destinations of the world don’t offer much difference at all.

There was a time when certain cultures were limited to certain parts of the world. With Australia being one of the most culturally diverse countries of the world, you simply find it all here. Of course, you need to know where to look for what in order to find it.

Whether be it food or beautiful natural landscapes, Australia has it all. Add in the fact that nationals will not have to buy airline tickets, it all works out great. All this is subject to preference though. You will never need services like the foreign exchange in Melbourne or any another part of the country too.

Traveling Abroad in These Times of Pandemic!

Traveling abroad in these times of pandemic is never something recommended by anyone. The world is starting to open tourism right now. We are seeing more and more people becoming first ones to land into many countries of the world. However, no-one can tell you for sure about how it is going to be.

With some countries and cities under strict lockdowns, you just don’t know what you will find there. Most tourism-related businesses can also be expected to be shut still. There is also no use being at a beautiful place by yourself for more reasons that one too.

Also, whether or not you come into contact with someone infected is also like shooting an arrow in the air. More people you come into contact with, more chances of one of them being Covid-19 positive. Traveling abroad in these times may not be the most recommended thing anyone you ask.

Australia Is Close to Becoming Covid-19 Free

The most important consideration right now is the fact that Australia is very close to being declared Covid-19 free. Saying that the country is Coronavirus free right now would be an upshot, however. Infected people and symptomatic ones from them might be nearing that zero mark yet.

With this in mind, it might be much safer to visit different places in Australia instead of traveling abroad as well. You always want to keep your safety first by minimizing the risk of any virus exposure at all times. Staying in Australia might be the best thing to do when you know there is always aid readily available.

However, you can’t take traveling inside Australia too easily as well. Still today, there are around 2000 active cases in the country. However, almost all of these infected people are in hospitals and being treated for their condition. There is no chance of virus spreading from them hopefully too.

Bottom Line

While many world countries are still taking the worst of the Covid-19 outbreak, Australia is fast coming out of the pandemic. People who prefer to travel to foreign destinations of the world for holidays will need to adjust their plans. Visiting local countrywide destinations can be a perfect alternative.

Considering the fact that there would be no need to book expensive flights, the Australian holiday this season can be great. There is something to do for everyone in the country as well. As long as you are willing to sacrifice on few features, a countrywide trip will be the best option.

It is all about keeping safe right now. Of course, you are safest inside the comfort and safety of your home. Stay home, stay safe for as long as you can. Plan your holidays inside the country if you absolutely have to. Let this time of pandemic pass and then we can all have a great time afterward.

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