Learn How to Fix the HTTP 503 Service Unavailable Error in WordPress

By | November 30, 2019
HTTP 503 Service
HTTP 503 Service

Running into errors on your WordPress website is often daunting. However, most errors offer you some clue on what caused them, which might build troubleshooting them heaps easier. The 503 error isn’t as polite, sadly, and doesn’t offer you a lot of info to travel on.

It helps to know what the foremost common causes area unit for the 503 error in WordPress. After that, you’ll get to be organized once it involves troubleshooting the error, which implies following many steps so as to find the foundation cause.

HTTP 503 Service Unavailable Error problem

The 503 error in WordPress signifies that your web site can’t be reached at this moment as a result of the server in question is inaccessible. this might happen as a result of it’s too busy, underneath maintenance, or one thing else which needs a deeper analysis.

In this article, we’ll cover what the 503 error is and the way it generally manifests. Then we’ll guide you through six steps so as to troubleshoot it. Let’s get to work!

Basic info about 503 error

At the point when you experience the 503 blunder, it implies the server being referred to is blocked off . that would be as a result of it’s too busy, as an example, or it’s beneath maintenance. in contrast to different similar error codes, 503 signifies that your web site is online and running, however, it can’t be reached at the current moment.

What is thus vexing regarding this specific error is that it barely offers you any data to travel on. Most of the time, it simply shows up with a “Service briefly unavailable” message. That’s the equivalent of the line a building via phone, solely to possess them to tell you that they’re closed however refuse to allow you to grasp once they’ll be open once more.

In case you’re fortunate, the 503 blunder code can have happened because of your WordPress site is underneath upkeep. WordPress terribly shortly sets your website to a maintenance mode once you change a plugin, a theme, or the core software. Most people take help from WordPress development services for solving this  type of errors otherwise we can also solve by yourself

Usually, this timeout is thus transient that nobody can notice it. However, in those cases wherever the 503 error persists, you’ll have a much bigger drawback to cope with. After all, not solely can users be unable to go to your website, however, you’ll lose access to your WordPress admin space additionally. meaning you can’t update your website in any manner, and so as to troubleshoot it, you’ll get to penetrate its files.

503 Error Types

The 503 error will appear during a load of the way code, creating it simple to spot.

Here area unit a number of the variations you would possibly encounter, reckoning on your server configuration and browser:

503 Service unavailable

503 Service temporarily unavailable

HTTP Server Error 503

HTTP Error 503

Error 503 Service unavailable

The server is briefly unable to service your request thanks to a maintenance time period or capability issues. If it’s not too much trouble endeavor again later.

Whatever the code you run into would possibly appear as if, it suggests that you wish to urge to figure quickly before it affects your users negatively.

How to Fix the 503 Error in WordPress

Since you regularly can’t make sure what caused the 503 error in any given scenario, you’ll have to be compelled to move to troubleshoot it methodically. the subsequent six sections every cowl a possible fix, aimed toward resolution the various potential root causes.

After every step, take an instant to come back to your web site and see if the 503 error is gone. If it is, you’ve with success fastened the difficulty. If not, proceed to consequent advance inside the strategy.

1. Briefly Deactivate Your WordPress Plugin

One of the chief normal reasons for the 503 mistake in WordPress is module similarity issues. to work out if that’s what’s happening, you’ll disable all of your site’s plugins.

Since the 503 error prevents you from accessing the WordPress admin space, you’ll use an FTP client for this step. If you don’t have one created, we tend to suggest FileZilla.

When your FTP customer is readied, interface with your site through it and explore to your WordPress root organizer. just in case you can’t notice it, it’s typically referred to as public_html, HTML, public, www, or your site’s name. If you’re a Kinsta shopper, it’s your public folder.

WordPress root folder SFTP

Open that folder, and navigate to the wp-content directory. Inside, you’ll see a folder referred to as plugins, that contain individual subdirectories for every one of the plugins put in on your website (both active and inactive).

What you’re progressing to do now’s right-click on the plugins folder, and rename it to one thing else. we tend to suggest plugins.old or plugins. Deactivated, therefore you’ll simply acknowledge it later.

WordPress plugins folder renamed

WordPress can not be able to notice any of your plugins. once that happens, it’ll mechanically disable those plugins.

Presently, endeavor to get to your WordPress dashboard. In the event that the 503 blunder is gone, at that point, you\’ll accept that one among your modules was the wrongdoer. All you have got to try and do is puzzle out that one was guilty.

Come back to the wp-content registry, and rename your unique modules organizer appropriately. Then, you’ll disable every one of your plugins one by one, till you discover the wrongdoer.

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To do this, open the wp-content/plugins directory. Inside, you’ll notice one folder for every one of your plugins. the method you’re progressing to follow is for similar as before:

Start with the primary folder, and rename it to something you wish.

Check your web site to ascertain if the error is gone.

If it isn’t, come the plugin folder from the previous step to its original name.

Move on to subsequent plugin on your list, repetition the on top of steps.

This method will take a minute if you have got plenty of plugins, however, it’s very important to examine every plugin successively. If at any purpose you determine the plugin that’s inflicting the error, you’ll uninstall it or replace it with another tool.

If you create it to the tip of those steps while not finding an answer, you’ll progress to the subsequent stage of troubleshooting.

2. Deactivate Your WordPress Theme

Now that you’ve dominated out your plugins because of the reason behind the 503 error, it’s time to try and do a similar together with your active theme. In fact, your theme might even be making compatibility problems.

Unfortunately, the method doesn’t work similarly as higher than. WordPress won’t revert to the default theme if merely rename the theme folder, you’d find yourself with a mistake like “The theme directory “theme name “ doesn’t exist.” Or if you are attempting to rename the complete theme directory folder, you finish up with “ERROR: The themes directory is either empty or doesn’t exist. Please check your installation.”Therefore, you wish to access your WordPress info by work into phpMyAdmin

Click into the “wp_options” table, then click on the “Search” tab. you may need to look below the “option_name” for the guide.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Under the “option_value” column you may see this name of your theme. amendment this to 1 of the default themes, like “twenty nineteen.”

Check your web site once more to examine if this has mounted the error. If it did, it merely means that it’s a tangle along with your WordPress theme and you would possibly need to do reinstalling it or reverting to your most up-to-date backup.

3. Temporarily Disable Your Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Sometimes, the 503 error can show up not thanks to drag on your web site, however thanks to your Content Delivery Network (CDN). If you’re employing a CDN, a fast thanks to finding out if that’s the case is to briefly disable it.

Every CDN ought to embrace some feature that permits you to pause its services

The process you would like to follow is also completely different reckoning on that CDN you’re victimization. Cloudflare has additionally been better-known cause 503 errors generally. If you can’t notice the choice to pause yours, investigate your service’s content, which can typically contain elaborate directions.

If you don’t use a CDN or notice that pausing your service doesn’t facilitate along with your issue, their area unit still some a lot of fixes to do. Do keep in mind to activate your CDN before moving on.

4. Limit the WordPress ‘Heartbeat’ API

The WordPress Heartbeat is an API engineered into WordPress, that the platform uses for auto-saving content, showing you plugin notifications, letting you recognize once some other person is functioning on a post you’re attempting to access, and more.

Just like an everyday heartbeat, the API works within the background with a high frequency so it doesn’t miss something. As you may imagine, this API consumes server resources. Usually, that’s not a tangle however in some cases, it should result in a 503 error if your server can’t handle the load.

The fastest thanks to confirming if the Heartbeat API is in the middle of your issues is to quickly disable it. To do that, connect with your WordPress web site via FTP another time, so open your current themes folder and appearance for the functions.php file within Those 3 lines of code tell WordPress to disable the Heartbeat API. Save the changes to the functions.php file, close it, and check out to access your web site once more.

If the 503 error is gone, you’ll recognize that the API was the matter. Disabling it altogether removes loads of helpful practicality, however. Instead, we have a tendency to suggest that you simply ‘slow down’ the Heartbeat, so it doesn’t cause issues.

The easiest thanks to doing this are by putting in the Heartbeat management plugin. Activate the plugin and navigate to Settings > Heartbeat control section. search for the Modify Heartbeat choices, and drop the frequency to very cheap potential number:

Save the changes to your settings and come to the functions.php file you tweaked a moment back. For the on top of changes to figure, you’ll have to be compelled to take away the string of code you additional before and save your changes to the file.

At this stage, the 503 error ought to be gone if the Heartbeat API was the matter. If it isn’t, then it’s time to do one thing totally different.

5. Increase Your Server’s Resources

If the 503 error remains occurring despite all of your tries to repair it thus far, then there’s an honest likelihood the matter can be because of a scarcity of server resources. that’s to mention, you’ll get to upgrade your hosting commit to see if that fixes the problem. this can be very true if you’re exploitation low-cost WordPress hosting, as they have a tendency to throttle resources.

We can take help from  WordPress development company to increase our server’s Resources

Upgrading you arrange could be a huge decision, however. The sensible move is to initial contact your Webhosting support service and discuss the 503 error with them, in addition, because the steps you’ve taken thus far to do and solve it. The support team ought to be ready to assist you to calculate the cause and advise you on whether or not you wish to upgrade you arrange or not. 


If you’re lucky, the 503 error can only show up once you place your web site into maintenance mode. However, if it seems swiftly, then you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and do some troubleshooting.

To get at the basic reason behind the 503 error, you’ll get to follow these steps to mend it:

  • Temporarily deactivate your WordPress plugins.
  • Deactivate your WordPress theme.
  • Disable your CDN.
  • Limit the WordPress Heartbeat API.
  • Increase your server resources.
  • Review your logs and enable WP_DEBUG.
  • Have you ever run into the HTTP 503 error in WordPress? Share your experiences with us within the comments section below!