Latest Software Development Trends 

By | July 19, 2021
Latest Software Development Trends

Your desired technologies may be hot right now, but the question is whether anyone will remember them next year. As we witness many innovations come out at a breakneck speed, trends in many technologies are fast disappearing. Let’s take a look at some of the market’s hottest trends, which many offshore software development firms are following:

1. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has grown in prominence in the technology sector as a result of the Bitcoin revolution. Most businesses and sectors are quickly adopting Blockchain technology. The term “blockchain” refers to a system that allows data to be stored via a peer-to-peer network of linked devices rather than by computers located at specific places. Without costly intermediaries, this advancement in blockchain technology allows for significantly quicker transactions and authentication. Many software development organizations, such as healthcare, search for applications in administrations, supply chains, and medical data to improve and simplify their processes.

2. Artificial Intelligence

rtificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are also gaining traction. According to some studies, over 40% of organizations and brands will automate their processes as soon as next year. These organizations will gain a competitive advantage and deliver higher-quality services to their consumers by incorporating Artificial Intelligence technologies to execute some specified activities. Voice-responsive home assistant apps, insight services, cellphones, and big data applications are examples of practical artificial intelligence uses. Big companies like Google, Facebook, and Slack are at the forefront of artificial intelligence development.

3. Progressive Web applications

Progressive web applications (PWAs) are websites and web pages that have the appearance of conformist applications or native apps. This program provides the most up-to-date and finest browser technologies. Progressive web apps were included in Gartner’s study on software technology trends. These applications have acquired a lot of traction, which is anticipated to continue in the future.

Google has begun creating browser capabilities that will function similarly to mobile applications to provide an identical degree of user experience. Progressive web applications are easier to create and maintain than traditional mobile apps, contributing to their appeal. Many businesses, such as healthcare and banking, use progressive web apps to make their services more accessible to a wider range of clients.

4. Low Code Development

Low code development (LCD) supersedes the usual application development technique for the waterfall, which is later labor demanding. Many minor and repetitive development jobs are automated with industrial low code development, and the developer and technical analyst team disappear. Some of the finest platforms include Appian, Medix, Google App Maker, and POWER apps, according to the PC magazine study on minimal code development. The magazine also said that minimal code development top-uses include database applications, apps for micro-services, and omnibus platforms.

5. Security

The varied headlines highlight cyber assaults on extremely large organizations, but small and medium-sized enterprises and startups recognize the necessity for software security. Research conducted by the Institute showed 60% of SMEs suffer cyber assault. If your company uses the Internet and has a website, your company or brand is subject to a major cyber-attack. Most assaults happened using susceptible automated software.