Keeping Your Hair Healthy – 6 Tips That Would Do Wonders

By | September 2, 2019
Keeping Your Hair Healthy

People these days tend to be fitness freaks – going to the gym is like a tradition nowadays. Have you ever wondered that as important as the health of your body is, the health of your hair is even more crucial. Everyone cries over hair loss while opting for hair transplant, but nobody likes searching for the real issue which demands attention – the main cause behind hair loss.

The main reason why your hair health deteriorates is your poor diet, exposure to heat and chemicals. We do understand that you want your hair to look flawless, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of your own hair. Because if does, you’ll end up searching for hair transplant options. Therefore, before your hair loss takes a deep turn, it’s important that you look for options to sort this problem.

Here are 6 tips listed which can do wonders for your hair

1.      Hair Care Products:

You may wonder that hair care products are full of chemicals, but what if we suggest you with some exceptional ingredients. Natural hair care is important more than anything else, due to which people are drooling over the products which have naturally hydrating ingredients in it. You can look for the products which have aloe vera, it helps in removing dandruff along with it, it softens your hair. Calendula extract has also proved out to be amazing your hair.

Sometimes, we are low on budget and can’t spend of high-end hair care products. The best way out in this situation is to make your own hair masks. So many masks could be made just by using natural ingredients. These hair masks if made it the right way can be as effective as any high-end hair care product. You just need to mix the right ingredients together.

2.      Biotin for Hair Growth:

You may notice your shampoo bottles, most of the good ones consist biotin – which possesses vitamin B essential for hair growth. Not just hair growth, but it also promotes to a healthy scalp. It would be advisable that you search for shampoos with biotin, instead of for reaching out for biotin capsules.

You can also search for various foods which consist of biotin. Eggs, almonds, peanuts, and many other foods have a high amount of biotin. This can promote greatly towards your hair. Making amendments to diet is extremely important because if your consumer poor diet, no shampoo or capsule can help you out with your hair problems. Once you make variations to your diet – you would witness eye-catching difference to your hair and its health.

Biotin capsules can only be consumed as per the recommendations by your dermatologist. Self-medication is strictly prohibited – even if it’s multi-vitamins.

3.      Hair Protection:

Yes, you got it right just like your skin your hair also needs protection for the sun, dirt and a billion pollutants in the air. The city is air is as polluted as one can imagine and hence, it damages your hair more than your imagination.

Not many people are aware of hair protection serums and creams because many people are not aware of it’s important. You might be thinking if something like this exists – it does exist. You can look out for all the available hair protection serums and apply them before stepping out from your house. These serums won’t just protect your hair, but it would also help in maintaining its texture.

4.      Damage Prevention:

Chemicals, colors, dying and styling have always damaged hair to a great extent. Yes, sometimes all this is a part and compulsion of life due to which you need a cure for your damaged hair instantly. There couldn’t be a better alternative than vitamin D. It cures all the damaged follicles while promoting towards healthy growth of hair.

Again, don’t consider capsules for vitamin D because you can get vitamin D by exposing yourself to sunlight for 15-20 minutes every day. Apart for sunlight, which may be damaging to your skin you can consumer salmon, trout and tuna as they possess high amounts of vitamin D. Look for more foods which provide vitamin D – eliminating the option of capsules which can’t be taken without proper recommendation.

5.      Consume Zinc:

Usually, hair loss occurs as a result of zinc deficiency, so many people are suffering for it while they’re unaware. Zinc is essential for strengthening the stands of hair – It helps in deeply condition them to maintain the moisture.

Approximately, a human body needs 30mg of zin every single day. There are so many foods rich in zinc – nuts, shrimps, and lentils possess high amounts of zinc. Therefore, make sure to include these foods into your diet. It won’t just do wonders for your hair, but it is very beneficial for your overall health too!

6.      Regular Consultations:

Hair loss can be threatening at times; therefore, it is important that you get regular check-ups done to ensure the health of your hair. Because sometimes hair loss occurs as a result of many health issues – thyroid, heart disease. In some situations, it occurs because of genetics.

It is important that you’re aware of the cause of your hair loss which would only be possible through consultations from a hair specialist. Once, you’re aware of your hair health and its condition – only then you’ll be able to resolve it through the right ways and treatments.


‘Health is wealth’ holds very true when it comes to your skin health or hair health. People need to start giving attention to this. Maintaining and taking care of your hair can help you prevent all the problems of hair loss, damage, and dandruff. Because without care and attention – there are many problems likely to occur.

Keep in mind before trying out any product or capsule, try altering your diet and embed useful nutrients in your diet. Once you do this, you’ll witness an admirable difference in your own health and the health of your hair. If you’re skeptical about what could be done for your hair health, then have a look at these tips for keeping your hair healthy.