Is hair straightener good for hair?

By | February 25, 2020

In 2020, the hair straighteners that you see in the hairdresser’s shop are professional hairdressing tools that you can use directly at home with all the guarantees. We have prepared a guide where you can consult all the technical characteristics of these straightening devices as well as the functionalities that you should take into account so that you are 100% correct when choosing the correct model.

And it is that if you have made a small search for information, you will know that there are plates that have ceramic plates, others have titanium, others tourmaline and there are even ionic plates that in reality what they do is emit negative ions. Another factor to take into account is the width that the hair straighteners must have the temperature level as well that you must choose in order to perfectly straighten your hair.

We recommend that you read this guide with ease since the purchase of an iron requires an investment of money and we would like it to be the best choice for the health of your hair. But if you cannot wait any longer you can directly access to see all the offers on hair straighteners in 2020.

Without wasting any time lets what’s going into the detail of how our hair is chemically composed, we can say that on the inside of it are the keratin chains that are made up of amino acids. The union of these amino acids can be broken with heat and by pulling the hair with the iron the hair remains straight. As the straightener has passed through the lock at the time, it cools quickly, the amino acids rejoin making the hair keep the new shape smooth.

Features of the plates of a hair straightener

As you can already know in your search for the best hair straightener, their plates are one of the determining factors, since they are the parts of the straightener that will transmit heat to your hair while you are straightening.

That is why it is important that they are able to maintain the temperature constantly throughout the surface of the plate and that they are extremely delicate so that they glide smoothly stroking your strands of hair. We are going to list the materials used in the manufacture of professional and domestic hair irons, both for a few years and today.

Ceramic plates It has been the most important and characteristic material of modern straighteners that has meant a great evolution since in the late 90s it is normal for the best hair straightener to have metal steel plates. And this is thanks to the fact that the ceramic makes the hair glide very well and it is also a great conductor of temperature. Now, although they are commonly known as ceramic plates, you should be aware that not all the plate is made of ceramic, but rather that a metal such as aluminum is usually used, to which a ceramic exterior coating is applied.