Internet Speed for Gaming: What Avid Gamers Should Know

By | March 10, 2020
Internet Speed
Internet Speed

The adverse consequences of slow internet speeds don’t lag you down only. In a multiplayer online game, poor speeds can make or break the game. That stands true for all varied genres of online gaming. The gaming industry is surging with competitive games, multiplayer shooting games and is even gradually ascending to explore the battle royale genre, which many considered to be a seasonal fad. 

As an avid or frequent gamer, you must be familiar with the terms ‘ping’, ‘lag’ and ‘latency.’ But the sole culprit that causes these delays is your entire speed. FPS lag is an entirely different notion and holds no direct correlation with your in-game ping levels. 

Many arguments are revolving the ideal internet speeds for gaming. Some recommend 300 Mbps, while some believe gig speeds would suffice for multiple device connections. When in actuality, your high-speed internet needs will settle a lot below 100 Mbps. How? Keep on reading to find out the standard internet speeds needed for online gaming. 

Internet speed & MOBA Games 

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games or MOBA entirely depend on internet connectivity. For that reason, if the ping of single-user jitter, your team could end up losing the game. MOBA games revolve around strategic thinking and decision-making. There are more than five players or so in the lobby of a single server at once. No matter how many times you spent in the lobby streamlining your strategies and counter-attacks, a lagging ping would bring all your efforts to waste. 

Some prominent names in the MOBA realm include Dota and League of Legends. League with a global player-base of 115 players in 2019 and Dota securing 11.9 million monthly active players, the competition in the world of competitive gaming is fierce, and only a stable internet connection would help you make your way to the top. 

Since both Dota and LoL follow similar in-game mechanisms and gameplay styles, the minimum internet speed recommended for League is 6 Mbps. But this will suffice better if you connected to a wired connection, and no wireless routers or networks are involved. A wireless network is more prone to inducing minor jittering and, in worst cases, higher latency levels. 

However, while choosing a wired connection, make sure the internet speed offered by a coaxial cable or a fiber-optic cable line. A dial-up DSL connection cannot withstand multiple online activities at once, and playing MOBA games is the last thing you should ever consider on a DSL connection. For cable internet, you have ISPs such as Spectrum Internet Packages Cox and Xfinity to rely on. As for fiber-optic, AT&T and Frontier are too reliable choices.  

Internet speed & FPS Gaming 

Shooter games have been raving for decades. From the pixelated Metal Gear Solid series and DOOM to Halo 5 and the Counter-Strike series, the gaming industry is continually surging with new shooting games quite often. Now, these games aren’t limited to single-person gaming experiences anymore. Unlike the original Doom, if you just finished playing the 2016 Doom remake, your next quest would be to start its online multiplayer mode. 

The key takeaway here is that every genre you pick, whether FPS-based shooting games or strategic games such as LoL, multiplayer gaming options are bound to be present. The ping recommendation levels for an FPS game are somewhat the same as MOBA games i.e., a minimum speed recommendation of 6 Mbps, but unlike MOBA games, FPS games require a quicker reaction time. 

A laggy internet connection in an FPS game would result in you missing a headshot and instead grant the enemy team a headshot, lose points and take the whole team down with you. All it necessitates is a matter of seconds for the perfect aim. To stabilize your ping further, make sure you equipped with unlimited data and no data caps induced. An internet connection that caps data limit isn’t recommended as once that limit is crossed, your internet speed becomes slow, and ultimately, your gaming experience impacted. 

To Conclude

Gamers worldwide crave a seamless gaming experience. One where they don’t lag in every midnight gaming marathon. One where they don’t end up rage-quitting. If you were stuck with prolonging sluggish internet speeds, you no longer have to fret over it. With the right set of internet speeds, you shall overcome lag, high latency, and jitter right away.