How to Stay Safe When Doing a Staycation at This Time

By | November 9, 2020

Experts advise against any form of travel at this time. Even your trips to the grocery store shouldn’t be too often. You have to list everything you need for a few weeks so you can buy them at once. Therefore, the idea of doing a staycation might not be on the list. Before you decide against it, you should understand that there’s nothing wrong with the plan. As long as you can do it safely, you can pursue it. 

You can find big houses to rent and be there with your entire family. It helps you relax and even forget everything that’s happening right now. You need a break from this stressful situation but still stay safe. If you intend to pursue your plans to rent a place and have a staycation, these tips are worth considering.

Never meet with other families.

Sure, you have the place to yourself. It’s a big place and could accommodate up to 20 people in some instances. However, just because you can do it doesn’t mean that you should. You have to be there with the same people who live with you. It’s like continuing your quarantine. The only difference is you’re in a better and bigger house. You need that change in scenery since you might start to get tired of your place. Apart from the risk of viral transmission when gathering with your relatives, you might also be violating some government guidelines. In most places, a gathering of more than ten people is against the rule. 

Make sure the house is clean.

Check with the host if someone used the house before you rented it. If someone just left, you have to ensure that it’s clean and safe. Ask the host to hire cleaning services. You can’t stay there when there’s a risk of infection. You can if the host guarantees cleanliness and safety. 

Bring everything you need

You have to list all the things you need and take them with you. Avoid heading out to buy stuff at a grocery store. You can’t interact with other people for a long time. Since the rented place isn’t complete, you should bring what you need. It includes cooked food, raw ingredients (if you want to cook), medicines, and clothes. You will enjoy your vacation if you don’t have to keep leaving to buy something. 

Enjoy the entire place. 

Avoid getting too consumed with the health regulations. You have to follow them, but you can’t forget to enjoy the experience. Being at home for a long time stressed you out, and you need this staycation to feel good again. These houses for rent can feel like paradise. You don’t get that experience often. Don’t let it go without enjoying every corner of it. Use the facilities and amenities. Bond with your family and try to play some fun games. 

Doing a staycation amid a pandemic is okay. It might even be necessary for your mental health. As long as you follow health protocols, there’s nothing wrong with this plan.