How to secure Android Device from Malware

By | December 11, 2019
secure Android Device
secure Android Device

Security is one of the essential things for Android devices as well as for PC. Now there is a question wondering on your mind, so today we are here with a great solution. As a user of smartphones, you had used different Anti-Virus programs on your PC and Android smartphones, but today’s post is about Avast Mobile security. There are two kinds of this application, one is a free version, and another is Avast Mobile Security Pro. Here we are going to discuss the free version. Once you download and install the free version, you will get the message for the Pro version.

Avast Mobile Security is one of the most well known Android anti-virus applications on Google Play, and its standard user rating has gone up marginally to an excellent 4.6 out of 5. The app, called both Avast Mobile Security and Avast Antivirus Mobile Security and Virus Cleaner in Google Play, performs unequivocally in third party malware assessments and has decreased its system sway significantly.

If you are happy to pay for your anti-virus program, I would, in any case, lean slightly towards Bitdefender Mobile Security or Norton Mobile Security, as both offers progressively steady execution no matter how you look at it among our best Android anti-virus applications.

Avast Mobile Security costs and what’s covered

Avast Mobile Security stays a free Android application, with a decently include costly complementary plan and the choice to drop the advertisements and open the exceptional features in the “Pro” level for either $2.99 every month or $11.88 per year. This is a slight value knock from the last time I audited the application. However, it is as yet one of the most affordable paid Android anti-virus available.

Getting rid of the promotions is maybe the most significant bit of the Pro level. However, the counter burglary tool, application locking, and technical support from Avast are mostly pleasant to have also.

Users searching for a VPN solution can knock up to the ultimate level for $23.88 yearly or $8.49 every month to utilize Avast’s SecureLine VPN service. To include PC and Mac OS support for both the VPN and the anti-virus programming, you have to settle on the “ultimate Multi” plan, which costs $59.99 yearly or $27.99 month to month.

Avast also makes anti-virus programming for Windows and Mac, both free and paid. To look at the best choices on either platform, it would be ideal if you see our pages on the best Mac anti-virus programming and the best anti-virus software.

Free security features and tools


Avast offers a wealth of hostile to Anti-theft features, however similar to the case the last time we surveyed Avast Mobile Security, not every one of them worked dependably. You can find, mark as lost, trigger a serin, lock the device get information, remotely wipe, and show a message on a phone or power phone to call another telephone. Every one of these features is open through the web at

I had predictable issues with the area include, which would show that it couldn’t associate with the device in any event when I was on a similar Wi-Fi organize as the phone. In a genuine crisis, attempting to get the order to experience would have been incredibly frustrating.

Call Blocker 

As my experience each time I have looked into Avast Mobile Security, this feature didn’t work by any means. I blocked different numbers. However, they had the option to call my cell phone without issue.

This might be because Google has, as of late, constrained the ability of third-party applications to square calls or instant messages. In any case, as noted over, this didn’t work two years prior, either.

Photograph Vault 

This feature enables you to encode photographs by moving them or sending them merely to the Avast application’s photo library. If you have pictures that you don’t need in your first photograph application, this could surely be helpful. Note that you should then erase every photograph from the first photograph collection on your device.

Wi-Fi Security 

This feature examines the Wi-Fi systems you associate with and notice any vulnerabilities. If it recognizes a Wi-Fi without a password, the Avast application will suggest that you update your paid plan to incorporate Avast’s VPN service; if you have done already, you’ll have the option to associate with a VPN server with a single tap.

Application Insights 

This copies local Android features, for example, those found in Digital Wellbeing, however you may, in any case, need to use it if you like Avast as a one-stop search for the entirety of your device wellbeing. You can see the measure of time you have used each application, the standard of information each application utilized, and the authorizations it requires.