How to Repair a Cracked Tablet Screen

By | September 24, 2019
Cracked Tablet Screen

What can be done if you accidentally drop your tablet on the floor? Now it has cracks all over the screen and seems to be of no use to you. Even if it had the highly equipped glass technology used in its cover, if the fall was hard, the damage could be more.

But the damage can also be less to your expectations. So, in that case, it is better to examine the defect carefully and then react accordingly.

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Common tips to Repair Cracked tablet Screens:

Nothing to Worry

Whenever a situation of such kind strikes, there is no need to get into the state of fear. Although a tablet is a huge investment but fearing would not mend it. So it is vital to act smartly and look for the solution to the problem. There are many ways to get rid out of the situation, but if you panic with the cracked tablet in your hands, it would waste time and fetch no results.

Breathe in and out, and start towards getting the thing repaired.

Looking into the Damage

The beginning of the process starts with picking the tablet from the floor and analyzing the defect. The touch has to be gentle enough and try to feel the crack. Check whether if, it small damage in one of the corners of the tab or a huge crack covering the entire screen. Sometimes the crack can be minute and does not hold an impact in interrupting you to type or text something.

If the cracks are all over the screen, you’ll hardly be able to type of look into it.

Evaluating the defects

After you give a close look to the screen of the tablet, it’s now time to look deep into the damage. Check if it’s only the display screen that is being harmed or there have been some external damages as well.

In case if the home button or the motherboard of the tablet is affected, the problem is much more to than you expected it to be and requires a professional person for its repair.

Check on the Warranty Period

Realizing that the problem is out of your hands, it’s time to look into other the repair options. One thing that can be done is to look into the warranty card and the warranty period offered by the manufacturer at the time of the purchase of the gadget. But, a point of importance is that the warranty period repairs don’t offer services for accidental drops and damages. In that case, having an extended warranty card is a must and if you don’t’ have it, prepare yourself to pay for the cost from your pocket. 

Getting it done by the manufacturer

Next, you can do to get the repair done by the manufacturer. The original tablet manufacturer will get the certified and the original replacements of the parts being damaged with actively using the warranty benefits as well. In some cases, these repairs appear to be more expensive. The duration of the repair can usually range from two-three days to a few weeks. In other cases, the manufacturer replaces the device with a restored model and keeps the device along with him. It means that there is a need to keep a back up of all the tab data before giving it away.

Going to a repair shop

At times it can be a bit confusing and tedious to get your tablet repaired by a manufacturer repair. In that case, choosing a local mobile or tablet repair shop would a smart decision to work upon.  Many certified mechanics and dealers validly consider your warranty card and repair your tablet. But the ones who are not certified don’t offer the services as per the warranty.

The local repair shops come up with benefits of various kinds in comparison to the manufactures or the certified repairs. In most of the local repair shops, the key benefit is that you get the device repaired within a short span, mainly within a day or a few hours.

Secondly, these shops offer quite budget-friendly services, and they charge comparatively lesser than the manufacturer repairs.

Making a Thoughtful Decision

Dropping the tab on the floor and cracking the screen is the worst and stressful situation that one comes across. The feeling is unbearable. Sometimes bearing the damage repairs costs can be terrifying, and you might end up buying a new one instead of getting the old one repaired. 

Final Words

If you are someone who has a highly equipped tablet, make sure you use it wisely enough to avoid any damage. And if you have already dropped it down, don’t panic for even a second. Look for best repair services to mend the damage as soon as possible.