How to Prepare a Jelly Beanie Cart for a Boys Birthday

By | October 5, 2019
Jelly Beanie Cart

Decorate your birthday with a great cart of jelly beans Ideal for the sweet tooth of the party! You can fill them with the goodies you like best.

This type of tables, carts, cars, or carts is increasingly seen at events and parties such as birthdays, communions, weddings, parties of 15 years. In this case, I leave you some ideas to decorate a party for boys.

Why put a cart with jelly beans?

It is a great solution when adding that sweet spot you are looking for at a party. These carts or tables, you can prepare them yourself or order them from a company. In this way, you will have to build your car and fill it with the jelly beans and sweets that you like the most.

Do you want a party full of success? These candy carts are a great idea to include in birthdays or other events. Sure, the sweet tooth of the party will agree on this point.

It is a great idea, to enable an area (adapted to the space you have) to fill it with delicious desserts, sweets, jelly beans, sweets and of course, the birthday cake. Also, do not forget to combine beautiful containers, trays, and a tablecloth that decorates.

Think that in addition to having fun eating sweets, these types of tables are also perfect for adding a significant focus of attention, as far as decoration is concerned. In this way, you can decorate the table or the car with garlands of vibrant colors, dolls, if it is for a child’s birthday or a large sign with the birthday boy’s name.

Jelly cart in blue Do you like this color?

If you love this color, don’t cut yourself! Make the blue part of the dessert table. This color, you can choose in different shades (from the darkest to the lightest) Its delicious tones, can be scattered everywhere, For example, place a birthday cake in blue and add cubes of the same color.

Cupcakes, many people like and you can decorate them in blue. Also, place in pretty containers candy, jelly beans, and other goodies that share this beautiful color. Finally, I propose the idea of ​​using transparent containers, so that the chosen color looks good. What is your favorite color?

An exquisite dessert table

If you prefer a sweet, more elegant area, here is a great example to follow. You can include the desserts that you like the most, but distributing the cakes more beautifully. I propose this video to give you some inspiration. What do you think?

Do you love chocolate

If you are a great chocolate lover, you cannot miss a table full of this flavor and that beautiful color. The latter, you can use it to put a tablecloth and napkins that share the color. Do the same with the dishes you use so that it will be more beautiful.

The truth is that chocolate (both white and black) is something that rarely fails. Surely if you add a cake, cookies, biscuits, various sweets, and a chocolate fountain to dip fruits and cakes, it will be the most! Bananas and strawberries taste fancy dipped in chocolate. What do you think?

For very romantic boys!

Are you a romantic? If so, you can not miss a good cart of jelly beans or dessert table on your birthday for boys, along with champagne. A few long and beautiful glasses, next to a well-arranged table with all kinds of sweets and fruit. Also, add nuts in red to the color of passion!

For a home party, do you like pancakes?

But if you prefer a birthday party, with a touch of home here I leave you with this excellent example — small and big cakes, delicious and sweet. Strawberries, jams, and compotes could combine correctly. Create a homemade table; they will love more than one guest.

A full-color table Popcorn and candy!

If you love popcorn, check out this table, it’s full of them! Beautiful glass containers, popcorn fillings of different colors have been arranged. Also, you can add another type of candy, but this is a pretty funny idea.

With a distinct vintage look, this idea is charming for birthdays for boys or girls. Even if you are going to watch a movie, then it will be perfect. Your guests are sure to be surprised although if they love popcorn, as much as you do, they will thank you.

Jelly wagons, candy tables, or dessert tables are increasingly popular. And, the truth is that it does not surprise me since the idea is quite good. Especially to include this at a birthday party, at a christening or even for a wedding.

Also, these corners tend to attract a lot of attention because of the variety of colors or their elegance. The idea is quite good and best of all, and you can include everything you want. You can choose the sweets that you like and add them without problems.

Transform the car or table, in a decorative option for your party. You can use many materials to decorate the exterior. Metals such as paintings, paper, cardboard, wood, wool, fabric, Of course, to decorate the exterior use tablecloths, flowers, dolls, paper, rubber, paintings colors that combine well with the rest of the party. Thus, it will also help you decorate it, and it is best to take advantage of its focus (with the cakes themselves)

I think that for my next party, I will think about doing such a corner in my house. Surely all my friends love it since they are the sweetest. If you also have friends who love jelly beans and sweets, you can enable this space both indoors and outdoors.

How about creating this kind of space for your parties? Do you prefer a dessert table or a cart?