How To Plan Photos Of Your Newborn

By | September 6, 2019
Photos Of Your Newborn

A woman feels complete when she experiences the essence of being a mother. Getting captured those beautiful moments of a new life entering your lives is a great thought.

Many couples plan for a photoshoot of their newborn babies capturing their innocence, purity, and cuteness forever.

Infant Photography

Newborn babies are very delicate than you even expect them to be. So there is a need to be extra careful in handling them during the photo session. Make sure that you hire a professional and an experienced child photographer for the photo shoot.

Newborns can’t hold their heads upright so you’ll be required to carry them from the neck. Temperature is another important aspect. Diapers and feeding will be the need for every hour. Be very careful while Holding, moving, and changing the postures of the baby with gentle and soft hands.

Infants are also sensitive to bright lights. As mentioned earlier, make sure that the lighting equipment doesn’t hold a negative impact on the baby. If the session is carried out indoors, use soft or diffused lighting. It gives a level of comfort to the baby. 

The Ideal time for Photography

The portraits of newborn babies can be taken within the first month of their birth. Precisely, getting the photographs within the early ten days of birth is the best time to capture neat features of the new life unknown and untouched by the outer world. So, it is the best time to capture the beauty of their birth.

Essentials required

There is a need to plan for your child’s photo session before getting it done. The venue could be your place, studio, or some natural, real-life locations.

You need to have some of the must-have the stuff to ensure the safety and comfort of the newborn. The list includes bobby pillows to give support to their neck and back.

A small electric heater without blowing air is of great vitality. The room or the area where the photo session is likely to take place needs to be warm, as infants don’t bear the cold. Don’t use heating pads to make them feel warm, because a baby’s skin is very soft and delicate and cannot bear the touch of such items. It can cause susceptible burns on their skin, bringing them in pain.

A bouncing ball is also of great utility as it distracts the baby and helps during the sleeping sessions.  It can also be used in positioning and clothing the baby as well.

We do have a variety of customized infant kits in the market consisting of pouf and the background sets. These can be brought in the photo session to ensure the baby’s comfort. A large cushion chair, a sofa will also work for the same.

A boppy pillow serves the purpose of many mothers in holding or nursing their babies while lying or sitting down. They are a perfect choice for positioning the baby. It can also be used in front of a large window with curtains for having a diffused light. 

These essentials can be shopped for from any baby store. They are small, flexible, and lightweight items that ensure the comfort of the baby and have the best in-home photo session.

Props such as flowers, stuff toys, and other meaningful items are the right choice for in-home setup.

Outdoor Photoshoot

Most of the times it is advised not to encourage newborns for outdoor shoots. If in case you plan for the same, make sure proper arrangements are made to protect the baby against the direct sun.

You can ideally take the shots without disturbing the baby, especially when he or she is asleep.

Keeping the time in Mind

The newborn photo session takes a lot of time. Most probably it can last from four to five hours. It is mainly due to the feedings breaks, bouncing sleep, and diaper changes. Other interruptions might exist relevant for the baby.

It can even last for long if siblings are involved. So it’s better to be considerate about the timings and confirm the same with your photographer. Be smart enough to hire an assistant who can minimize the workload and the time, both. 

Ensuring Clean surroundings

Since you are walking with a one-month-old or even less than that infant in the outer environment, be particular about cleaning the newborn’s portrait before every session. Make sure that the fabrics and other things are washed and sterilized as they are going to get in contact with the baby’s skin.


If you have newly entered into the world of parenthood, get the initial moments of your baby captured forever. Newborn photography Sydney provides best baby photoshoots, ensuring their safety as well.

So, plan for a safe and joyful newborn photography to make some beautiful and cherishable memories with your child.