How To Plan A Children’s Play Area In Your Business

By | November 3, 2020
Children's Play Area

Having a children’s play area in your business or shopping plaza is an excellent way to make it more attractive to families with children. It is an investment that can substantially increase the number of clients who visit you and make use of your services.

So, if you still do not have sensory play equipment for a children’s play area, or you are just planning the opening of your premises, here are six tips that will help you set up space where the little ones can have fun together while their parents calmly enjoy their talk, food or shopping.

In which businesses is it a good idea to have a playground?

In any business that families with children can attend, whether to entertain themselves, eat or do their shopping, it is a good idea to have a children’s play area. Some examples are:

  • Restaurants
  • Ice cream parlours or cafes
  • Supermarkets
  • Cinemas
  • Commercial squares
  • Car washes
  • Clinics
  • Book stores

Normally, both parents and children prefer to go to places where the little ones have their own entertainment space. So, setting up a children’s play area in your business will give you a very real advantage over your direct competition.

6 Tips for planning a children’s play area at your premises

1. Solve the needs of young and old

Make sure it is a space where children can have fun and entertain themselves safely, but also as autonomous as possible. The idea of ​​a children’s play area is not only to amuse children but also to allow parents or caregivers to do their activities without having to watch their children at all times.

So, if possible, you can hire staff to take care of and control the activities of the children’s area. This strategy works especially well in large restaurants and shopping centers.

2. Sufficient space

Before purchasing children’s play equipment that has slides and climbing parts, consider the space that you actually have available and the fact that there should be at least a meter or a meter and a half of free space between the games and the walls.

3. Games suitable for various ages

Make sure there are games or play equipment suitable for preschool children, along with games designed for older children. Remember to establish a good separation space between the two to avoid collisions and accidents.

4. Good visibility

The children’s play area should be perfectly visible from inside the premises so that parents can easily take a look at their children from time to time. In addition, it is recommended that the play equipment is very eye-catching and also seen from the outside, so it will attract the attention of children, which increases the chances that a new family will become a frequent customer.

5. Safe and quality children’s games

The more original, striking, and robust the children’s games, the better. But it is not only about how they look; it is also about how safe they are for children and the quality and resistance of the materials.

It is advisable to invest a little more in children’s games that have been designed to avoid safety risks and have simple and cheap maintenance. Poor quality equipment can deteriorate very quickly and can also cause serious accidents.

6. Safety signs

Finally, do not forget to place the corresponding signs and safety rules in such a way that both adults and children can understand them. An indoor children’s play areas, it is highly recommended to ask the little ones to remove their shoes before entering the area, for example.

There is a wide variety of the best quality of children’s play equipment for shopping centers, premises, and outdoor spaces to choose from. Choose modules that meet the strictest safety criteria, are very attractive to children, and are also very accessible.